Viking Lotto is a lottery popular in several Scandinavian countries. It was first launched in 1993 and is known for its huge payouts and favourable odds. The participating countries for the vikinglotto are Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Vikinglotto is Europe’s first multinational lottery and is currently sold in nine different countries. It offers jackpots ranging from €3 million to €35 million and can be played along with several other games, notably Wednesday’s ‘Joker’.

What is Virgin Lotto and which countries participate?

Vikinglotto also known as Onsdags Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Víkingalottó, Vikingų Loto is a collaboration between the national lotteries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia and Belgium. Vikinglotto began in 1993 and was the first game of its kind in Europe.

Viking Lotto Norway

Organizer: Norsk Tipping
Prizes and Odds: The odds of winning the Vikinglotto jackpot in Norway are approximately 1 in 98,172,096.
Details: Vikinglotto was launched in Norway and has been very popular there ever since. Part of the proceeds go to charities and sports organizations.
Biggest winner: In 2017, a Norwegian player won €35 million.

Sweden Viking Lottery

Organizer: Svenska Spel
Prizes and Odds: The basic jackpot is similar to Norway’s.
Details: Also in Sweden, part of the proceeds go to charity.
Biggest winner: One winner in 2015 went home with more than €25 million.


Organizer: Veikkaus Oy
Prizes and Odds: The odds are similar to other participating countries.
Details: Vikinglotto is one of the most popular lotteries in Finland.
Biggest Winner: The biggest Finnish win to date was around €17 million.


Organizer: Danske Spil
Prizes and Odds: The structure is similar to that of other countries.
Details: Denmark sometimes hosts special Viking lotto draws with additional prizes.
Biggest winner: A Danish winner won €8.4 million in 2016.

Iceland viking

Organizer: Íslensk Getspá/Getraunir
Prizes and Odds: The odds and prizes are the same as in other countries.
Details: The lottery is an important source of income for the Icelandic charity fund.
Biggest Winner: The biggest Icelandic win was around €6 million.


Organizer: Eesti Loto
Prizes and Odds: Similar to other participating countries.
Details: Vikinglotto is popular among Estonians, despite competition from other local lotteries.
Biggest Winner: So far, Estonia has registered a maximum win of about €1.6 million.


Organizer: Latvijas Loto
Prizes and Odds: The structure is similar to that of other Viking Lottery countries.
Details: Vikinglotto has a significant following in Latvia, with many frequent players.
Biggest Winner: The biggest win in Latvia was just over €1 million.

Lithuania vikinglotto

Organizer: Olifeja
Prizes and Odds: Similar to the other countries.
Details: Vikinglotto is one of the newer games in Lithuanian lottery offerings.
Biggest Winner: The biggest Lithuanian win was about €1.8 million.


Organizer: Loterija Slovenije
Prizes and Odds: The odds are similar to those in other countries.
Details: Vikinglotto is one of the lotteries offered by the national lottery of Slovenia.
Biggest Winner: No big wins have yet been recorded in Slovenia.

Tickets and draws Viking

The draw takes place every Wednesday evening at 20:00 CET at Norsk Tipping in Hamar, Norway. Viking Lotto draws take place once a week, usually on Wednesdays. The jackpot starts with a minimum amount and if there are no winners, the jackpot rises, which can lead to huge payouts. The lottery has different prize categories and the amount won depends on the number of numbers a player matches.

Tickets can be purchased at authorised retailers or online in each of the 10 participating countries. The fee for each combination varies by participating country, ranging from €1 in Latvia to SEK 90. In Iceland, to €10 in Belgium.

What are supervikings?

After selecting 6 numbers, you have 5 Vikings to play with. Then choose your Super Viking from these 5 Vikings. If the Super Viking is a drawn Viking, any winnings will be doubled (except for rank 1).

Jackpot rules

Minimum jackpot: Jackpots usually start from a minimum amount, such as €3 million, and can increase if there is no winner.


If no one gets all six main numbers and the Viking numbers are correct, the jackpot moves on to the next draw.

There is a maximum limit on the number of times a jackpot may be rolled over. In some lotteries, if the jackpot is not won during a certain period of time, the prize money is distributed to the winner of the next highest prize category.

Shared jackpot

If there are multiple winners, the prize is divided equally. Jackpot payments can be a one-time payment, or they can be spread over several years.

Taxes: Prize winnings are generally subject to the tax laws of the country where the ticket was purchased.

Can you participate as a Foreign Player?

If you do not live in the participating country, it is still possible to win, but you must pay taxes according to the regulations of the country where you purchased your tickets.

Viking Lotto Rules Details.

Participation: To participate, you need a valid ticket.
Winning Ticket: A ticket is considered a winning ticket if it contains at least two correct main numbers plus the Viking number.
Rolling Jackpot: If no one wins the jackpot, the amount will be added to the next drawing.
Multiple Winners: If there are multiple winners, the prize will be divided equally.
Small prizes: Different rules apply for smaller prizes, such as correctly predicting two to five numbers.
Taxes: Depending on the country you live in, taxes may apply to winnings.
Deadline for claim: varies by country, but it is important to note that unclaimed prizes are usually donated to charity.