Vikinglotto Danish Swedish and Norwegian

Viking Lotto is a lottery popular in several Scandinavian countries. It was first launched in 1993 and is known for its huge payouts and favourable odds. The participating countries for the vikinglotto are Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Vikinglotto is Europe’s first multinational lottery and is currently sold in nine different countries. It offers jackpots ranging from €3 million to €35 million and can be played along with several other games, notably Wednesday’s ‘Joker’.

What is Virgin Lotto and which countries participate?

Vikinglotto also known as Onsdags Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Víkingalottó, Vikingų Loto is a collaboration between the national lotteries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia and Belgium. Vikinglotto began in 1993 and was the first game of its kind in Europe. [

Tickets and draws Viking

The draw takes place every Wednesday evening at 20:00 CET at Norsk Tipping in Hamar, Norway. Viking Lotto draws take place once a week, usually on Wednesdays. The jackpot starts with a minimum amount and if there are no winners, the jackpot rises, which can lead to huge payouts. The lottery has different prize categories and the amount won depends on the number of numbers a player matches.

Tickets can be purchased at authorised retailers or online in each of the 10 participating countries. The fee for each combination varies by participating country, ranging from €1 in Latvia to SEK 90. In Iceland, to €10 in Belgium.

What are supervikings?

After selecting 6 numbers, you have 5 Vikings to play with. Then choose your Super Viking from these 5 Vikings. If the Super Viking is a drawn Viking, any winnings will be doubled (except for rank 1).