What is the best lottery in the world

Use these tips to find the best lottery in the world! So what is the best lottery? That is very personal. Do you like the best one with the biggest jackpot or with the most chances of winning? Lottery.online helps you on your way to answer this.

What criteria do we look at to be named the best lotto in the world?

The most popular lotteries are made of three ingredients: cheap lottery tickets, an weekly draw and a big Jackpot. Perhaps you’re looking for the best lottery to participate in. This is personal, of course. Namely, are you looking at the odds of winning, size jackpot, prize package or charities.

Where could i buy tickets for this best lotto?

Reasons to choose a lottery

Every player has their own reason to participate in a certain lottery. People looking for a good lottery make their choice based on the following factors:

– The price of the lottery tickets
– Jackpot prizes
– The odds of winning
– Taxes

The best cost-benefit ratio

Besides our recommendations, you could use the website of TheLotter to make the right choice. It offers a special category that is known as ‘TheSmart’. It takes all the elements above into consideration, and eventually shows you the lotteries with the cost-benefit ratio. To benefit from this extra category, you need to subscribe to TheSmart. Twice a week it gives you the top lotteries with the best cost-benefit ratios on the planet.

High Jackpots
Some people are looking for the highest Jackpot. Perhaps you’re one of them. In that case you should consider Powerball. It attracts thousands of players because of the incredible high Jackpots. What’s more, in January 2016 the Powerball Jackpot hit 1.58 billion dollars! An amount of money you usually only dream of, but it did became reality for three players. So the prize only had to be split between three lottery tickets. The payment for each of the tickets was an astonishing 327, 8 million dollars! This is almost 300 million in euros.

The immense popularity of MegaMillions
Powerball is not the only lottery with very high Jackpots. It’s joined by another American lottery called ‘Mega Millions’. Perhaps you’ve heard it before, because Mega Millions is incredibly popular. Millions of tickets awere sold when the Powerball Jackpot was at his peak. The Jackpot hit made some people multi millionaires! They were very lucky, because they had to compete with millions of participants all over the world.

The legendary ‘El Gordo’

One of the greatest lotteries in the world takes place during Christmas time in Spain. The ‘Spanish Loteria de Navidad’ is named ‘El Gordo’ (The Big One) for a reason. It gives away an astonishing 2.31 billion in prizes every year! There are so man prizes that your chance of winning is 1 in 7. So this Spanish lottery, which is also available to people abroad, is definitely worth trying!

Winning odds

Because of the competition, the chance of winning the Powerball Jackpot isn’t very high, namely 1:292 million. For MegaMillions this is 1:258.9 million. The low odds do have an advantage though, because it increases the Jackpot prizes. Besides that, more people want to buy a ticket when they can win a lot of money. If you do want to have a higher chance of winning, we recommend EuroMillions. In this lottery the odds of winning the Jackpot are 1:139.8 million. This lottery also offers other great prizes, with a winning chance of 1:95.000.000. So hopefully luck is at your side!

Better luck with small lotteries
Not everyone likes big lotteries like MegaMillions and Powerball.You have to deal with a lot of competition and low odds of winning. On the other hand, the Jackpots are very high. If you’re fine with winning less money but higher winning chances, smaller lotteries are the best option. For example, the winning chance of players in the California SuperLotto Plus is 1:41.4 million. Or perhaps you’re living in Australia or Spain. One of the best lotteries over there are the Australia Powerball Jackpot and the La Primitiva Lottery, with respectively winning odds of 1:76.7 million and 1:6.7 million. Other very good small lotteries are the BonoLoto from Spain and Oregon MegaBucks. The Australia Saturday Lotto is a good one as well. Although they don’t offer the highest Jackpots, the cost-benefit ratio is one of the very best.

Lower prizes
You can participate in small lotteries everywhere on the planet. For example, the Austria Lotto regularly organizes a draw. The chance of winning a prize during this lottery is 1:16. Quite good, but the Lotto in the United Kingdom does it even better. The odds of winning a 6th division prize over here are 1:10. However, don’t forget that a higher chance of winning also means lower prizes and less money.

Low winning odds, big Jackpot
You have less chance with the SuperEnalotto, one of the most popular lotteries in Italy. The winning odds are 1:622 million. On the other hand, small lotteries have a Jackpot hit much sooner. This is why last October someone won the SuperEnalotto Jackpot of 163 million euros!

Nice secondary prizes
Not many people win the Jackpot. Fortunately, lotteries also offer great secondary prizes. They have several prize divisions. How higher the decision, how more money you win. For example, you can win the Match 2 prize in EuroMillions or the 9th division prize of Powerball. The odds of winning are higher for the second, third of fourth prize. For example, the chance that you win a 9th division prize in Powerball is 1:38. Perhaps you could better try the 9th division prize of MegaMillions, namely 1:21.

No taxes

Sometimes you cannot keep al your prize money, because taxes need to be paid. The amount of taxation depends on the place you’re living in. If you don’t like this, participating a tax-free lottery might be a good idea. Theses kinds of lotteries can be found all over the world, including Australia, France, South Africa and the United Kingdom. You just need to look for them.

You need a bit of luck
It certainly helps when you look at the odds of winning and cost-benefit ration, for example with ‘TheSmart’. However, in the end you just need to have a lot of luck. This is the basis of all lotteries in the world. Just pick the lottery that fits your wishes the best.