TheLotter, one of the leading online platforms for purchasing international lottery tickets.

TheLotter is a well-established online lottery service that has been operating since 2002. It enables users from around the world to participate in a wide array of international and domestic lotteries without geographical restrictions.

Operations and Structure

  1. Local Agents: TheLotter employs agents in various countries to physically purchase lottery tickets on behalf of their customers.
  2. Scanned Tickets: After purchasing, tickets are scanned and uploaded to the user’s personal account as proof of ownership.
  3. Draw Results: The platform also updates lottery results and notifies winners via email or SMS.

Which lotteries does theLotter promote?

TheLotter provides access to over 50 international lotteries, including well-known ones like Powerball, Mega Millions, and EuroMillions, as well as more country-specific games.


  1. Multiple Play Options: Users can purchase individual tickets, join a syndicate for a collaborative approach, or opt for bundles that combine both.
  2. Subscription Service: TheLotter offers a subscription model that automatically enters users into consecutive lottery draws.
  3. Advance Purchase: You can also purchase tickets for future draws well in advance.

Revenue Model

TheLotter doesn’t take a commission on winnings. Instead, they charge a small service fee on the ticket purchase, which is included in the price displayed on their platform.

Security and Compliance

  1. Data Protection: The platform employs stringent security protocols, including 128/256-bit SSL encryption.
  2. Legal Compliance: They adhere to international lottery regulations and laws, ensuring fair and transparent operations.
  3. Payout Process: In case of significant winnings, they may provide legal and financial consultations and may even help with traveling to claim

Absolutely, Wouter. I’ll focus on the extensive details concerning TheLotter’s company aspects and the range of lotteries they offer.

Corporate Aspects

  1. Ownership: TheLotter is owned by Lotto Direct Limited, a Malta-based company.
  2. Global Reach: They have a wide global footprint, catering to customers from various countries, except for a few jurisdictions where such services are not allowed.
  3. Customer Support: They offer multi-lingual customer support through multiple channels including live chat, email, and phone.
  4. Payment Methods: Multiple payment methods are supported, including Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, and Neteller, among others.

Available Lotteries

TheLotter has one of the most extensive selections of available lotteries, including but not limited to:

  1. U.S. Lotteries
    • Powerball: One of the largest lotteries with jackpots that can exceed $1 billion.
    • Mega Millions: Another large lottery that rivals Powerball in the size of its jackpots.
  2. European Lotteries
    • EuroMillions: A transnational European lottery, available in several European countries.
    • EuroJackpot: Similar to EuroMillions but with slightly different rules and participating countries.
    • UK National Lottery: Specific to the United Kingdom, it has various games including Lotto and Thunderball.
  3. Others
    • Australia’s Oz Lotto: A leading lottery from Australia.
    • Canada’s Lotto 6/49: One of Canada’s national lotteries.
    • Italy’s SuperEnalotto: Known for its high jackpots.
    • Spain’s La Primitiva: One of the oldest lotteries in the world.