How using numerology increases your winning chances in the lottery

We all know that gambling is mostly based on luck. It is not the complete story though. It’s important to read everything about gambling, lotteries and numbers. You will discover that there are definitely some strategies that can increase your winning chances.

Patience, luck and numerology

Important in the gambling industry is that you need patience. Don’t give up after a loss, because you might be lucky next time. Especially if you use a strategy based on numerology. In this science you learn about certain numbers and the happiness or bad luck they can bring. The history of numerology goes back for centuries. Even the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Indians used them to predict their future. These ancient people believed that nothing is a coincidence.

Numerology and your destiny

Nowadays there are still a lot of people who use numerology. They believe that numbers say something about your future and personality. Some people have favorite numbers all their lives and use it in the lottery. For example, they pick certain numbers or their birth date for their lottery ticket. There are several websites about Numerology as well. Use them when you make important decisions in life. Because, after all, picking the right number in the lottery could make you a millionaire. However, according to numerologists luck isn’t always at your side. They say that numbers have so-called ‘cyclic frequencies’ that can accept or reject a person.

Connection between numbers and names
There’s also an interesting connection between numbers and name. Some people use the ‘inverted pyramid’, which reduces your name number to one number. According to Numerology, this is the so-called ‘root number’ of your name. It will eventually lead to your destiny. So your day, month and year of birth play an important role in your life and where your heading to. It seems that your birthday numbers interact with each other to calculate your lucky number. Eventually all these numbers are part of your lottery ticket. In this numerology system, the date of the lottery draw is the sixth number on your ticket.