Bitcoin Lottery games of Anonymous Casino

Why are the Bitcoin Lottery games of Anonymous Casino so much fun? Sometimes a certain strategy helps you to win a casino game. However, this is not the case with lotteries. Luck is the number one factor when you’re watching the lottery draw. Perhaps Lady Fortune will be at your side this time, or the draw after that, or the one after that.. The odds of winning aren’t very high.

Crypto lottery casinos

The more you deposit at one time, the more tickets you get! When you make a deposit, you will automatically receive a lottery ticket. The higher your deposit, the lower the “price” of the ticket. Tickets are given out for free, so this “price” is only a calculation of the number of tickets you will receive. The Draws are Weekly.

Here is an example. You deposit 150 USDT. The ticket “price” is 7 USDT for deposits between 100 and 500 USDT. So basically just deposit and you get 21 tickets.

The rise of Bitcoin in the casino world

Lotteries are a perfect combination of fun and suspense. It’s very exciting to watch a lottery draw. The fact that you can win makes lotteries great fun, despite the fact that you have a small chance of winning. You’ll have a great time anyway! You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin. It is digital money that has made a lot of people very rich in the last couple of years. Nowadays the digital coin is being used for online lotteries as well. Bitcoin has become a paying method besides the U.S Dollar and British Pound. It’s very easy to pay with it online. The only thing you need to pay is some Bitcoins in your wallet.

Play against a real dealer
Anonymous Casino is one of the places where you can enjoy a Bitcoin Lottery. This popular online casino has a so-called library where you can choose between several casino games, such as live lottery. One of the great things about the live casino is the fact that there’s a real dealer in the game. This makes the online gambling way more realistic. You can feel the atmosphere and excitement of a land-based casino over here. Obviously, the online casino is just as reliable and safe.

Take a gamble everywhere on the planet

There’s absolutely no reason not to try a Bitcoin lottery game. First of all, you can play wherever you are. The only thing you need is a good Internet connection and some Bitcoins in your wallets. As the name might suggest, every player can choose to play anonymously if they want to. Have you won a nice amount of money? Congratulations! Luckily you don’t have to wait for the withdrawals for days. The money will be transferred to your account very quick.

Make your own choice
Another reason for the growing popularity of the Bitcoin lottery game is the easy way it works. You can choose your own numbers and colors for the draw. After you’ve made a decision the draw can be seen live on a feed. There’s even more. Anonymous Casino also offers a live version of Keno. In that case you need to choose some numbers from an onscreen board. Then the lottery balls will move through the tube and show their number. Hopefully some great prizes will be yours!