Increase your winning odds with Bundles

Sometimes it’s worth it combine two lottery deals. The Bundles of a lottery agent are a very good example of that. In this case you come Personal Entry tickets with lottery Syndicates. It gives your winning odds an enormous boost. So it’s definitely worth to try!

Increase your winning odds

Every theLotter player wants to increase his or her winning odds. A bundle makes this possible, because in that case you purchase a few lottery tickets together. The bundle is not very expensive. In fact, you save a lot of money because you don’t have to purchase tickets two or three times. Besides that, a bundle doubles the fun! It’s a great deal with several playing options in just one package.
Choose your favorite number
TheLotter Bundles work very easily. The only thing you need to do is pick a Bundle. It always has a so-called ‘Personal Entry’, which is basically the same as a standard lottery ticket. You can choose your own favorite numbers on this ticket. Perhaps you find it too difficult to pick a number. In that case it’s possible to let the computer do the work, which is known as a ‘Quick Pick’ or a ‘Lucky Dip’.

How does it work?

Three bundles

Every draw you can choose a maximum of three Bundles. These are the following:

– Classic bundle
– Deluxe bundle
– Premium packages

The bundles all have a different content. They each contain a different number of Syndicates. How more Syndicate Lines, how bigger the odds of winning. A classic bundle has less Syndicate Lines than the Deluxe or Premium version. The latter versions also have more participants. Altough the bundles are different from eachother, they always combine a personal ticket with a Syndicate share.

Syndicate Lines

Syndicate Lines play a very important role in this lottery. It is divided into Shares. This means that when you have 50 shares, you get 1/50 of the prize money that the Syndicate has won. So this can be a lot of money if you’re lucky The Lines also make it possible to play with hundreds of number combinations in a syndicate. Imagine that you choose a 456-line Bundle. It has a share for a Notification.
TheLotter uses several types of Syndicates, for example one with random numbers. Perhaps you’ve won a great prize with one of the Bundles. In that case you’ll receive a notification from TheLotter. Don’t forget to check your account on the website as well, because it shows all your winnings. Good luck!