La Française des Jeux lotteries

In France, the French National Lottery (La Française des Jeux) organises several lotteries. Below are some of the main lotteries offered in France.

Which French lotteries are available at FDJ?

The concept of organized lotteries is far from new in France. One of the world’s oldest recorded lotteries was organized in France in the 16th century. Over the years, various forms of lotteries have been employed, from funding wars to supporting charitable causes. Nowadays, the French lottery landscape is highly regulated and aims at maximizing contributions to the public good.

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France lottery list – 2024


It is a popular European lottery with participation from several countries, including France. This country is also founder of this European lottery. Players in Euromillions choose 5 numbers out of 50 numbers and 2 “lucky star” numbers out of 12 numbers. The draws take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is a transnational lottery, available in various European countries including France. It offers some of the biggest jackpots globally and includes an additional draw known as My Million exclusive to French participants.

Loto France

This is the flagship game, closely resembling other numerical lotteries around the world. Players select numbers, and drawings occur multiple times a week. Jackpots can range from a couple of million to upwards of €20 million, depending on how long the jackpot has been rolling over.

This is one of the most famous and popular lotteries in France. In Loto, players choose 5 numbers from a set of 49 numbers and a “lucky number” from another set of 10 numbers. Draws take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Keno is a daily lottery in which players select numbers based on how many numbers match and win prizes. You have Keno midi and soir. A daily game where players pick a set number of digits, hoping their choices match the random drawing. The game offers flexibility in terms of wagering and has frequent drawings, making it a popular choice for regular players.


Astro is a game where players make predictions about astrological signs and can win based on their predictions.

Millionnaire Raffle

This is a lottery where a certain number of players are guaranteed to win a million euros. This is part of the Euromillions.

Joker+: Often played in conjunction with Loto or Euromillions, this is an add-on game with fixed prizes and daily draws.

Grattage games: These are instant win games, similar to scratch cards, and are widely available.

Rapido: Mainly played in bars and cafés, it’s a fast-paced game with drawings every 2-5 minutes.

Special Draws and Characteristics

  • Super Loto: Special versions of the standard Loto game are held on occasions like Friday the 13th, offering boosted jackpots.
  • Charitable Component: A portion of lottery proceeds goes towards public service sectors like education, health, and cultural initiatives. This aspect is managed by the Française des Jeux (FDJ), the body responsible for lotteries and gambling in France.
  • Online Availability: French lotteries have adapted to the digital age, offering online ticket purchases, mobile applications, and a strong digital presence to cater to younger demographics.
  • Transparency: France is known for its strict regulations to ensure fair play, with high levels of transparency in the drawings and prize distribution.

What is La Française des Jeux?

La Française des Jeux (FDJ) is the French national lottery and gambling company. It is a government-controlled company that organises and manages various games of chance and lotteries in France. FDJ was founded in 1979 and has been a major player in the country’s gaming industry ever since.

FDJ is responsible for organising lotteries such as Loto and EuroMillions, as well as other games such as Keno, Amigo and Astro. The company also has an online platform where people can buy lottery tickets and participate in various games and contests. Proceeds from FDJ lotteries and games of chance are often used to contribute to social and sports projects in France.