Dubai lotteries

Why you can become a millionaire ‘easily’ in the three Dubai lotteries? Dubai is one of the richest countries in the world. So it comes as no surprise that you can win a lot of money in the three most popular lotteries in this country, namely the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire Lottery, the Finest Surprise Car and the Finest Surprise Bike. These so-called ‘duty free lotteries’ are very beneficial for its players. Interestingly enough, the chance of becoming rich in the Dubai Millennium Millionaire Lottery is incredibly high if you compare it to other worldwide lotteries. The winning odds is 1:5.000 to be precisely, which is a lot of bigger than the 1:292.000.000 of the popular Powerball Lottery!

Where could i buy tickets for the best lotteries in the world?

Three lotteries in Dubai

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates does not have a traditional lottery like some other countries. Instead, there are various sweepstakes and promotions, many of which are organized by government agencies or private companies. These sweepstakes and promotions are often used to raise funds for charities or marketing campaigns. Here are some known ones:

Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire

Dubai Duty Free is running the Millennium Millionaire promotion, giving participants a chance to win $1 million. Tickets for the draw can be purchased at Dubai International Airport and online.

Best surprises at Dubai Duty Free: The promotion offers participants the chance to win luxury vehicles such as sports cars and SUVs by purchasing tickets at Dubai International Airport and online.

The Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire is a popular “lottery-style” draw that takes place in the United Arab Emirates. Though not technically a lottery in the traditional sense, it operates in a similar manner. Here’s a deep dive into its aspects. This draw was launched to offer travelers passing through Dubai International Airport a chance to win one million US dollars. It’s operated by Dubai Duty-Free, which manages the tax-free shops at the airport.

Ticket Price

Tickets generally cost $277 (or 1,000 AED) each. The high ticket price reflects the large prize fund and the relatively small number of tickets available for each draw, typically around 5,000.

  1. Participation: Participants must be at least 18 years old to purchase a ticket. You can buy them at Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International, and even online if you’re traveling through these airports.
  2. Draw Frequency: The draw happens whenever all the tickets for a particular series are sold. Thus, the frequency isn’t regular but depends on ticket sales.

Winning Odds

The odds of winning are comparatively favorable, especially when contrasted with larger, more traditional lotteries. With only around 5,000 tickets per draw, the odds stand at roughly 1 in 5,000.

The prize is a lump-sum payment of one million US dollars. Unlike some lotteries, there are no options for annuity payments, and there are no taxes deducted at source.

  1. Winner Anonymity: Unlike some other lotteries, winners can choose to remain anonymous. This is particularly appealing for those who wish to maintain privacy.
  2. Transparency: The draws are conducted openly and often attract media attention. They are carried out using standard drawing machines and are usually overseen by regulatory bodies to ensure fairness.
  3. Additional Draws: Dubai Duty-Free also runs other draws, like for luxury cars and motorcycles, but the Millennium Millionaire is by far the most popular.
  4. Legal Standing: While gambling is generally prohibited in the UAE, the Dubai Duty-Free draws are permitted as they are considered promotions and are run by a government-owned entity.

Because of the unique laws and customs in the UAE, it’s always advisable for participants to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of the draw.


Mahzooz is Dubai’s weekly digital lottery where participants win cash prizes. It is run by Dubai-based company EWINGS.


Dubaicares occasionally organizes charity draws and events to support education and charity in Dubai.

The Dubai lotteries got their name because of the fact that you can buy them at the duty free shops on the international airports of Dubai. You can buy this before you take the plane or after a long travel. Sometimes you just need to have some fun, isn’t it? As the name also suggest, the Millennium Millionaire Lottery was established right before 2000. Since 1999 the lottery has made 150 new millionaires in Dubai, and of course it’s very proud of this. Even more special is the fact that two people managed to win this lottery twice! On the other hand, it’s not surprising at all if you consider the fact that a winning chance of 1:5000 is quite high. How more tickets you buy, how bigger the chance that your millionaire dream will come true. A simple calculation makes this clear, because the winning odds with two tickets are 1:2500!

The winning odds in the Millennium Millionaire Lottery

The winning chance of the Millennium Millionaire Lottery almost sounds too good to be true, but in Dubai this is the truth. The pay-out rate is an incredible 72 percent, probably one of the highest in the world. This is possible because just a small number of lottery tickets are sold before every draw. What’s more, just 5000 lottery tickets are sold in general. In this lottery it’s ‘all or nothing’ because you can win just one prize, namely 1 million dollars. The great winning odds do have a prize though. One ticket for this lottery costs 277,78 dollars, which is about 225 euros! On the other hand, Dubai is a rich country so many citizens might not have a problem at all with these lottery ticket prizes.

Impress Dubai with your newly won luxury car

You don’t need to have a lot of money to feel rich. A luxury car can be good enough as well, right? If you’re dreaming of big sports car you should participate in the Finest Surprise Car Lottery. Just buy a ticket of 139 dollars (112 euros) in one of the Duty Free shops at the airport and pray for the best. These shops can be found at terminal 1,2 and 3 of the Dubai International and Maktoum International Airport. Are you not planning to visit the airport soon?

Then you should go the Irish Village Shop and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, because these places sell tickets for this impressive lottery as well. The Finest Surprise Car sells 2300 tickets in total, so that’s not a lot. In this lottery you can win impressive cars like a Porsche, Jaguar or Bentley. Or perhaps you prefer a BMW, Audi R8, Aston Martin or McLaren, this is possible as well. The Finest Surprise Car Lottery sells less tickets and is cheaper than the Millennium Millionaire Lottery. Besides that, your luxury car is delivered at home! So what exactly are you waiting for?

Win a luxury motorbike at the Finest Surprise Bike Lottery
Despite the great winning odds, of course not everyone can win in the Dubai Duty Free Lotteries. Or sometimes you win a small prize, like a motorbike! The Finest Surprise Bike Lottery sells about 1000 tickets for every draw. You can buy one at the international airports of Dubai, in the Irish Village Shop or the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. An advantage of this lottery is that the tickets are much cheaper, namely 100 dollars (81 euros). Just like the car the motorbike will be delivered for free at your home. Time to make some nice trips in Dubai with it!

FAQ About lotteries in Dubai

Which Dubai lottery is the best?

We list the best lotteries in the UAE:

  • Mahzooz Draw (formerly Emirates Loto) Dubai lottery.
  • Big ticket in Abu Dhabi.
  • Dubai Duty Free – Millennium Millionaire.
  • ADIB Ghina Savings.
  • ADCB Millionaire Savings.
  • Kunuz Savings.
  • Al-Awwal Certificate of Savings.
  • Mashrek millionaire.

Can foreigners buy Dubai lottery tickets?

Yes, you can enter draws and buy tickets on lottery websites. Big Ticket Raffles is open to many countries, including those living outside the UAE.

How much tax do you pay for the Dubai lottery?

The total amount is taxed at a flat rate of 31.20%.

Who can play Dubai Lotto?

One of the benefits of online transactions is that anyone can buy a ticket, and there are no restrictions on who can and who can’t. You can also buy tickets at the Irish Village Shop and FS counters at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai.