Lotteries in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, there are actually 2 official bodies that organise the national lotteries. These are the charity lotteries and the Dutch lottery, under which there are again different brands.

What lotteries are there in the Netherlands in 2024? These include the Friends Lottery of the Nationale Postcode Loterij and the Goede Doelen Loterij as well as the Dutch Lottery as well as the National Lottery, Lotto, Eurojackpot, Miljoenenspel, Geluksdag, Kraskaart and Sporttoto. Fairshare Dutch has two lotteries, the Care-a-Lot and the Lot of Happiness lottery.

official lotteries in the netherlands

Which lotteries are from the charity organisation?

National Postcode Lottery

The lottery is one of the largest charity lotteries in the Netherlands. Participants use their postcode to enter to win prizes. A significant part of the proceeds of the National Postcode Lottery go to good causes in the field of people and nature, such as the environment, development cooperation, health and culture.

Friend lottery

At VriendenLoterij, participants participate with their mobile phone number. The lottery supports Dutch charities in the field of health and well-being. Participants can choose which charities they want to support.

Official National Lottery in 2024

The Dutch Lottery organises several lotteries in the Netherlands. Some of the most well-known lotteries organised by the Dutch Lottery are

State Lottery

One of the oldest and best-known lotteries in the Netherlands, where participants have a chance to win huge cash prizes. Monthly draws are held.

Lotto NL

A lottery where participants choose a series of numbers and try to match the right combination to win a prize at the Lotto in Netherlands. Draws are made weekly on saturday and also the Lotto XL


European lottery with participating countries from all over Europe. Participants choose a series of numbers to try to match the right combination for a chance to win huge prizes at Eurojackpot

Lucky Day

Daily draw where participants choose their numbers and win different prize categories based on the number guessed.

Scratch card: this is a lottery where participants scratch open a box to see if they have won a prize.

Which Dutch lottery is the best or has the best odds?

Your chances of winning are the highest of all lotteries. The odds of winning in each State Lottery draw vary, with an average odds of 51.6% across all 16 draws in 2023. This means that 51.6% of the lots sold had an average prize of at least €5.

History of Dutch lotteries

On 1 September 1974, the first draw took place for a new game: Lotto. More would follow. 1993 Lucky 10 (later: Lucky Day). 1994 Launch of scratch card instant lottery tickets. The National Instant Lottery Foundation (NIL) is set up for this purpose.

At the end of 2000, SNS and NIL continued to cooperate on behalf of SNS. In 2012, SNS licensed a new coordination game in Europe: Eurojackpot. Seven countries participated from the start: Germany, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy, Estonia and the Netherlands. More and more countries joined in the following years