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Try to beat the odds when you play in the lottery! Obviously, not all Jackpots are the same. Some, like France Loto, have very high winning odds. In other ones you need to have more luck. The amount of Jackpot money can also differ: from 2 million to 40 or 50 million euros. Which lottery gives you the best chance to become a millionaire?

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Make your dream come true to win the lottery

Probably everyone has fantasies about becoming a millionaire. All the things you could do with that money… Perhaps a lottery win will make your dream come true. A big Jackpot is one of the reasons why lotteries are incredibly popular. On the other hand you should realize that the lotteries with the biggest Jackpot have the lowest winning odds. Besides that, some Jackpots are organized just a few times a year. Open the calculator

Calculate your winning chances

The way lotteries work is quite simple. Your numbers need to match with the numbers of the lottery draw. To win the Jackpot, most of the time special ball is required as well. For most people this dream never comes true. However, you can use Mathematics. Calculating makes up a big part of lotteries and your odds of winning. If you use statistics in a good way, you know exactly how high your chance of winning is. In that case you need to look at the total amount of numbers and how many of them are selected during the draw. Also take into consideration an extra ball, like the ‘Powerball’. We all know that 1:20 chance of winning is much better than a 1:53 chance of winning. However, you need to realize that a high chance of winning also means a smaller prize. You really need to beat the odds when you want to win a big prize!

Despite low winning odds, people are still attracted to lotteries with big Jackpot. For these people, the idea that they have a small chance to become a millionaire is very exciting. The possibility of winning 100 of 500 million dollars sounds way too good! Big lotteries like EuroMillions and Mega Millions offer this. It’s one of the reasons for their enormous popularity, despite the fact that almost no one wins the Jackpot.

Odds of winning

The odds of winning are not dependable on ticket sales. The percentage stays the same. However, sometimes there are multiple winners. In that case you need to share your win. The odds of winning in some populair big- and small lotteries are as follows:
Lotteries Odds of winning the Jackpot

  • EuroJackpot 1:95,344,200
  • EuroMillions 1:139,838,160
  • MegaMillions 1:258,890,850
  • Powerball 1:292,201,338
  • SuperEnalotto 1:622,614,630
  • California SuperLotto Plus 1:41,416,353
  • Uk lotto 1:45,057,474
  • Australian Powerball 1:76,767,600
  • Ontario 49 1:13,983,816
  • Austria Lotto 1:8,145,060
  • UK Thunderball 1:8,060,598

Always compare
Remember that the lotteries mentioned above are just a few. There are many more lotteries with perhaps bigger winning chances to participate in. It’s recommended that you always compare the big and small lotteries with eachother. This gives you a good overview of the winning odds, and makes it easier to choose a certain lottery.

Frequency of Jackpot hit

Sometimes it takes a long time before there’s a Jackpot hit. In that case the amount of money is increased every time. This makes it even more attractive to participate in the lottery. In the end, you should look to several factors when choosing a certain lottery. First the amount of Jackpot money, second the winning odds and third the frequency of the Jackpot hit. If you look closely at the numbers, it appears that the Jackpot of popular lotteries like Mega Millions and Powerball almost never falls. As a result, the amount of money is incredible high. Although the chance of winning the Jackpot in this lotteries is very low, you do become very rich when it does happen.

Jackpot hit

You’re probably very curious which lottery has the highest average number of draws before the Jackpot falls. Perhaps you can use the following statistics when you play in a lottery next time:

Lottery Average number of draws before Jackpot hit

  • SuperEnalotto 79,00
  • Swiss Lotto 26,50
  • MegaBucks Oregon 26,33
  • Powerball (United States) 10,60
  • La Primitiva (Spain) 8,83
  • EuroMillions 5,30
  • France Loto
  • Lotto (Austria) 2,17
  • Saturday Lotto (Australia) 1,23

Which lottery is the best choice?

The information above makes clear that participating in the UK Thunderball works best. Your chance of winning is 1:8,060,598. The amount of Jackpot money isn’t very high though. On the other hand, you shouldn’t try the SuperEnalotto from Italy if you want to win big. Winning the Jackpot over there is twice as difficult as winning the Jackpot of Mega Millions or Powerball! Another important factor is the average number of draws before the Jackpot falls. In that case the Saturday Lotto from Australia or the Austrian Lotto is the best choice. Again, the SuperEnalotto falls short. It’s recommended to purchase a bundle of lottery tickets. This is cheaper than when you buy them seperately. More importantly, it increases your chance of winning.