Austria Lotto official

Austria Lotto is one of the best European lotteries !

Being a participant of a foreign lottery can be very exciting. It’s something new and the rules can be different than those of your home country. One of the greatest lotteries abroad is located in Austria. The Austria Lotto is known for its fantastic Jackpot and no gambling taxes. Even if you don’t win the Jackpot, the other prize money is great as well. Ho do you buy tickets for an international lottery like the Austrian one?

Ticket Price (2 Lines X € 3.00)

The popularity of foreign Austria lotteries

Many people prefer a foreign lottery instead of the lotteries in their own country. Reasons can be higher Jackpots or no gambling taxes. Thanks to the internet it’s really easy to buy an international lottery ticket. You don’t have to go to a retailer or shop anymore. Instead you just visit the website of a lottery abroad. You can use your computer, tablet or smartphone to do so. One of the most popular is It has been selling international lottery tickets for years now, many times with nice discount. Don’t be afraid that your privacy is in danger. You purchase the ticket in a secure environment and your personal and financial details are safe. Before buying a ticket you need to create an account on theLotter first. On this account you can see the next draw date and the results of the former one. The Austria Lotto draw takes place every Wednesday and Sunday.

How does the Austria Lotto work?

Lotteries are organized all over Europe. How do you pick the most profitable one? Again, the internet is the answer. Look for the best Jackpots and other prize money. You will soon end up at the Austria Lotto. It has relatively simple rules. You have to choose six numbers and one extra number, for example your birthday or favorite number. Do you find it difficult to choose? Then click on the ‘quick pick option’, which means that the computer picks your numbers randomly. If these numbers match with those that appear during the draw, you win the Jackpot. Don’t be disappointed if you have six numbers and no lucky extra number. In that case you still win a big prize. How more correct numbers, how more money you win. Usually 3 correct numbers or more mean good news. Thousands of euros are no exception. So your chance of winning a prize at the Austria Lotto is quite high, which explains its popularity.

How much does a Austria Lotto ticket cost?

Another reason for the popularity of the Austria Lotto are the relatively cheap tickets of 3 euro per line. A standard ticket has 6 lines of 3 euros each. Of course it’s possible to opt for more lines if you have more budget, like 9, 12, 15, 20 and 25. The so-called ‘systematic lottery ticket’ is another interesting possibility, because you can fill in a maximum of 10 numbers instead of 6. It’s a good idea to buy just one ticket if you want to try the Austria Lotto. However, if you want to participate several times a multi-package is a better idea. In that case you usually receive a 25 percent discount. Besides that, you don’t have to worry that you miss the next draw. You play in the next lottery draws automatically. Are you really enthusiastic about the Austria Lotto? Then buy a subscription, which even saves you money because the lottery gives its subscribers every 10th ticket for free.