Eurodreams lottery and win monthly €20.000

Dream with this new lottery, Eurodreams. This is a official new Eurolottery after october 2023. The EuroDreams lottery is a new European draw game organized by the Euromillions Lottery and eight other leading European lotteries. For its luckiest winner, the EuroDreams lottery promises a monthly sum of 20,000 euros for 30 years, a total of 7.2 million euros as the top prize. Let’s look at the features and prize distribution, and compare with EuroMillions and Win for Life. The EuroDreams lottery has the following structure and features:

Game Structure and Odds Eurodreams

Players need six numbers between 1 and 40 and one Dream Number between 1 and 5 to correctly predict all six numbers and the Dream Number. The game score card is shaped like a Lotto bulletin.

The prize ticket costs 2.5 euros, similar to EuroMillions.

lotto paper for eurodreams

Winning chances are divided into six ranks, with rank 1 winning the prize by winning 20,000 euros per month over 30 years when correctly predicting all six numbers and the Dream Number.

Prize distribution and comparison with EuroMillions:

Grade 1 prize winners receive 20,000 euros per month over 30 years, which is 7.2 million euros in total .

Grade 2, six correct numbers but not the correct Dream Number, still receive 2,000 euros per month for five years.

Depending on the number of players and the specific game rules, the chances of winning the EuroDreams jackpot may be more favorable than EuroMillions.

Difference from Win for Life:

While EuroDreams is similar to Win for Life, where the main idea is a lifetime prize, the monthly payments of pay more to the former but split the total prize over a limited period of 30 years rather than a lifetime plan.

Prize distribution and odds vary between EuroDreams and Win for Life, so players should be familiar with specific regulations before participating.

The EuroDreams lottery is a lottery that allows players to dream on a large scale through substantial monthly prize distribution over a long period of time.