What are the rules if you want to organize your own lottery?

What are the rules when you want to obtain a gambling permit? Every company needs a permit to exploit slot machines or a game hall. This is because of the fact that such games are mainly based on luck. Players can win money, but they don’t have any influence on the outcome of a game. What are the rules for companies who want to obtain a gambling permit?

Strict rules for the gambling market

Gambling authorities are quite strict when it comes to the gambling market. Land-based casinos, online casinos and game halls have to meet strict requirements before they can obtain a permit. For example, in the Netherlands most games of chance can only be offered by a couple of permit holders. Until recently Holland Casino had the monopoly on casinos in the Netherlands. A few organizations, such as the Dutch State Lottery and the Lotto, are allowed to organize lotteries. An important rule for players is that they have to pay a gambling tax for every prize worth more than 449 euros.

Lotteries must apply for a permit

There are many lottery organizations all over Europe, but they have to cope with strict rules. First of all, every company must apply for a permit. This can be done at the place where the draw takes place or at the Gambling Authority itself. The exact places depends on the total worth of the prize money. Second, lottery companies are obliged to donate a part of their revenue to charity.

Promotional games of chance or bingo
Perhaps you want to organize a promotional game of chance. In that case it’s recommended to read ‘promotional games of chance code of conduct’ of the Gambling Commission. You can find it online. It’s great fun to organize a bingo as well. However, only associations are allowed to do this. There are some requirements, but a permit is not one of them. An association has to provide the information about the location to the municipality, two weeks at the latest.

Rules for gambling advertisements
The Dutch Gambling Authority wants to prevent gambling addictions as much as possible. This is why it has developed strict rules for gambling advertisements and recruitment. For example, it could be that a store wants to organize a special advertising campaign in which it gives away lottery tickets to customers for free. To make this possible, the store works together with a couple of entrepreneurs. In that case the store has to apply for a permit at the Chamber of Commerce.  Do you want to know more about this? Then read the exact rules in the Advertising Code for games of chance.