Turkey lotto 6 49

Everything you need to know about the Turkish Lotto 6/49!

Turkish people regularly test their luck in the Turkish Lotto, which is also known as ‘Sayisal’. It actually works in the exact same way as Lotto 6/49, but the name is different. Did you know that it’s possible to participate in this lottery without being a Turkish resident? Everyone who buys a ticket for the Turkish Lotto can participate in one the very draws. How many correct numbers do you need to have to win the Turkish Lotto?

Successful lottery for the past two decades Turkish lotto

The Turkish Lotto celebrated its 20th birthday last year. It was established in 1996 by a company called Milli Piyango. In the past two decades a lot of Turkish people have become rich because of his lottery. The highest Jackpot to date fell in 2009. A Turkish couple was lucky enough to win about 6.5 million Turkish lira, which is about 3.5 million euros!
The simple rules of the Turkish Lotto
The rules of the Turkish Lotto, or ‘Sisayal’ as the Turkish people call it, are quite simple. Everything looks quite basic actually, since there are just four prize categories. To win the Jackpot, which usually is worth millions of Turkish Lira’s, your six ticket numbers need to match with those that appear during the draw. Don’t be surprised If the Jackpot is worth about 1,2 million Turkish Lira, which is millions of euros or dollars. Sometimes there’s no Jackpot hit. Too bad, but it means that you’re having a chance of winning even more money next time. The Jackpot can be forwarded to the next draw with a maximum of three times. If still no one has won, the prize money will be divided among the winners in lower categories.

How to buy a ticket for the Turkish Lotto?

Participating in the Turkish Lotto sounds like a very good idea. You have do something for it though. First of all, you need to buy a ticket for the Turkish Lotto. Then you have to choose six numbers out of a range of 1 to 49. Pick your favorite number for example, or your birthday. This is all up to you and shouldn’t be very difficult. However, if you’re not able to pick a number it’s also possible to use a system to do it automatically. Buying just one ticket is a good idea if you want to find out what the Turkish Lotto is all about. Do you really like it? Then it might be a good idea to buy a multiple package, so that you participate in several draws. A subscription for this lottery is possible as well. In that case you do not only participate in every draw, but you benefit from some nice discounts as well.

Draw on Saturday evening
After buying a ticket for the Turkish Lotto it’s time to wait until the draw. It always take place at Saturday on 07.30 p.m. Dutch local time. Perhaps you were too late to buy a ticket. No problem, because you can participate in the next draw. Always make sure that you a ticket three hours before the draw at least, so no later than 3.30 p.m. Luckily you don’t have to wait for the results for a long time. After the draw on Saturday evening, they’re announced around 10.30 p.m.

How big is the main prize in Lotto 4/49?

You also win some prize money if three, four or five numbers are correct. Of course the money you win is much lower than the Jackpot. Usually five correct numbers mean a couple of thousands euros, whereas with 4 or 3 numbers it’s just a few euros. Before the draw it’s not exactly clear how big the main prize will be. This depends on several factors, including the number or residents, the total inlay and the number of participants with 3,4, 5 or 6 correct numbers.