Toto Sportbetting in Holland

Toto sports betting is the first official and legal sport betting company in Holland. Participants from Toto have to predict the exact outcome of a sports game. Because of this watching a game is more exciting than ever. For example, you can predict the score in a football or basketball game. Or perhaps you’re watching American Football. The way you play Toto is entirely up to you. For example, you can predict the outcome of a game or the winning team. Perhaps you think that the home club has an advantage during the game, so you bet some money on them.

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How do you play Toto in the Netherlands?

It’s really easy to play Toto. For example, can buy a form in several stores when you’re shopping in the city. Some stores also offer Toto Easyplay. Or perhaps you prefer playing on the website or app. No problem, because Toto offers a mobile version. At Toto you can predict individual games and combination games. One game is labelled with the letter ‘S’, which means ‘Single betting’. You can predict this type of game without a combination with another game. Another interesting option is ‘Double betting’, clearly recognizable with the letter ‘D’. It might already be clear that with this you can predict the outcome of several sports games.

Placing a bet at Toto

Before every match Toto specifies which predictions you as a player can do. You’re always allowed to place 9 bets in total. Luckily, playing in Toto is not very expensive. For every wage you need to pay just € 1. However, you can increase your bet until a maximum of € 1000. Perhaps predicting sports games is one of your biggest talents. This is definitely an advantage at Toto, because you can win some very nice prize money. The amount of money depends on your predictions and the yielding benefits. To determine the prize these benefits will be multiplied with your deposit. However, not all the prize money will be added to your bank account because of the gambling tax. It means that Lotto will add a tax on a certain amount of prize money. For example, you need to pay a tax of 29 percent on a monetary amount higher than € 449. This is also the case if you win several prizes. Even if you win 10 small prizes the amount of money must not be higher than € 449. If this is the case, you have to pay taxes. Eventually he gambling tax will be transferred to the government.
Many game options at Toto
Playing at Toto is great fun. Perhaps you’ll predict the outcome of a game exactly right. During the game you can choose between several gaming options. Just click on the ‘+’ button to see what you can choose. For example, select ‘Tip’ to predict who will be the champion of the Dutch Eredivisie. Because of the many gambling options Toto sports gaming is fun for everyone. For example, you can predict a ‘winner’ during the first and/ or second half of game. This is the option ‘Winner in the first half’ or ‘Winner in the second half’. It means that you can predict if the home team will only win the first half, or also the last 45 minutes. Perhaps you’re a positive gambler who thinks the team will win the entire game. It’s all up to you, and we wish you the best of luck.

Predict the outcome of the game

Another interesting option of Toto is ‘Fulltime’. It means that you predict of the home team or the visiting team wins the game. Perhaps you’re not so sure, so predicting a draw is also possible. You need to predict the outcome for the official playing time, which also includes the injury time. So during football your betting game is over after 90 minutes, even if the game is prolonged for another 30 minutes. Also interesting is the option ‘Halftime/Fulltime’ because it includes a prediction of the score during half time. Perhaps you have a feeling that the home team will win the game, despite the fact that the score 0-1 at the moment. Just try your luck, and discover that gambling makes sports games even more exciting!

A little bit of help for your team
Perhaps you’ve already chosen your favorite team, who plays at home or somewhere else. A sports game can end in three ways for a team: win, loss or draw. With the ‘Double Chance’ option you need to choose two out of three possible outcomes. So choose if the home team will win, the visiting team will win or it ends in a draw. However, you can influence the game a little bit by using the ‘Handicap’ game option. In this case you give one team a small advantage. For example, a handicap of 1-0 will be added to the outcome of the official game that ends in 0-2. Because of this so-called handicap the end result is 1-2. So the visiting team is the lucky winner of the game this time!


Hopefully both teams will make fantastic goals during the game, whether it’s football, basketball or another sports. You can predict the exact outcome of a sports game with the option ‘Score’. Or choose the option ‘Goal/No Goal’ instead. This is great fun as well, because you can predict the number of goals that will be scored during the game.

Choose the star player at Toto

Almost every sports team has a star player who scores the most goals. Keep this in mind when you predict the outcome of a certain game with Toto. The ‘First Goal’ option gives you the possibility to predict which team or which player will score the first goal. Perhaps you put all your trust in Ronaldo, Messi or an excellent player from another sports team. Toto also gives you the option to predict the exact time your player scores and the number of goals during a match. To do so you need to choose ‘Time of first goal’ and the ‘Number of Goals’ options. Or perhaps you want to predict which team scores the last goal. This is interesting, because this goal might change the whole game. You never know of course! Select the option ‘Last goal’ to do so.

Odd or even
Toto is the perfect place for people who love sports and gambling. They can predict which team will win an exciting match and if the star player has an important role in it. It’s also possible to predict if the number of goal, rounds and sets will be odd or even. So the possibilities at Toto are endless. Besides that, the option Draw no bet/Home no bet/Away no bet could make you a rich person. For example, with ‘Home no bet’ option you can’t choose that the home team wins. However, if they do, you’ll get back your deposit.

Predict who will win
Sometimes a team needs to catch up after the first half of the match. For example, the other team might win with a score of 0-2. Don’t worry, because it’s still possible that your team might win. There’s also a special option to predict this. It’s important to always stay positive. So don’t give up hope during half of the game. There’s even more to predict. For example, gamble if a team will win without a goal of the opponent. Use the button ‘Home team wins against 0/Visiting team wins against 0’.

Combination of multiple predictions
Many Toto players predict the outcome of just one game. However, it’s also possible to combine multiple predictions with each other. To do so, fill in the option ‘system’ on the form. This is a so-called ‘multiple wage’ or a ‘system bet’. Toto uses an advantaged system to combine the matches you’ve chosen. It definitely gives you an advantage, because you don’t necessarily have to predict all the match outcomes correctly. In fact, you can already win prize money when the outcome of just one game is predicted correctly.

Your win depends on the system you’ve chosen. For example, the system will make all sorts of combinations if you choose the option ‘Doubles’ with four predictions in total. This results in six bets in total. The minimum deposit for every bet is € 1, so luckily that’s not too much. With this system you even win when to predictions are right.

Be lucky with the banker
Many players have been successful with a system bet. This interesting way of playing also includes a ‘banker’. You find this option on the form before the match. The bank a match that takes place in any combination that you create in the system. With the banker it can go two ways. If it predicts correctly, you’ll win a lot of money. If it doesn’t, you win nothing at all. The banker, add by ticking the B on the game sheet in the match that you want to use as a banker.

Win the Jackpot with Toto 13

The Toto also has a separate game called Toto-13. This is a really exciting option, because you never know what the outcome is going to be. Toto selects 13 matches in total. You have to predict which team is going to win in every game. So in this case you also have three options, namely the home team, the away team or a draw. You win the Jackpot when all the 13 games are predicted correctly. There are also cash prizes for players who have predicted 11 or 12 games successfully.

Prize money
The amount of the prize money depends on the number of Toto participants. Luckily, the prizes are always very high. The minimum Jackpot is € 10.000 and it will even rise when no one hits the Jackpot. The prize money is shared when there are multiple winners.

The Toto 13 system

Toto 13 also uses a system. This makes it possible to predict multiple results for several matches. For example, place two or three bets during the match. This means that you can predict the home team, away team or a draw. It’s a very practical solution when you’re not sure about the outcome. You’ll win anyway!