the Chile Clasico Loto

Everything you need to know about the Chile Clasico Loto! The second south American lottery next to the Mexican on this website. Almost every country in the world organizes its own lotteries. Usually this makes the inhabitants incredibly excited, and Chile is no exception! The Chile Clasico Loto is a familiar name in this South-American country. It organizes three draws a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. So participants have a lot of chances to win a big prize. What else do you need to know about the Chile Clasico Loto?

Buy tickets

How to buy your tickets for the Chile lottery?

Perhaps you like to buy a ticket for the Chile Clasico Lotto. Luckily, this is very easy nowadays. Tickets can be purchased at a retailer or online. So you don’t even have to leave your home to take a gamble! You can choose the lucky numbers for your ticket in two ways, namely manually or with a random selection. In both cases you get a scam of your ticket in your online Chile Clasico Loto account.

Three draws a week
Hundreds of players are sitting in front of their television for the weekly Chile Clasico Loto on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday night at 21.00 local Chilean time. They have a subscription for this lottery, a multi-draw or a one-time ticket to test their luck. To win, these players need to have a ticket with six matching numbers out of a 1-41 range. There’s also a so-called ‘Wild Card’ number as well. The standard numbers and the bonus number have the same drum. Even if the ticket doesn’t have six matching numbers, the bonus still gives you a nice secondary prize.

Chile Clasico Lotto Jackpot

Not everyone believes that it’s possible to win the Jackpot. Yes, the winning odds aren’t high, but it did happen in the past. The fact that the Chile Clasico Lotto Jackpot starts with 100 million Chilean Peso makes this lottery definitely worth trying! There even have been some ground-breaking records in the past. The absolute Jackpot fell in August 2011, when some won 8000 million Chilean Pesos. It doesn’t sound much at first, but this is about 12.5 million US dollars!