El Gordo de La Primitva

In Spain, the names for lotteries are used in different lotteries, this creates quite a bit of confusion for us. For example, the annual El Gorde lottery on 22-12 but there is also a weekly El Gorde draw namely the El Gordo de La Primitiva. So these are separate lottos and no again it has nothing to do with the lottery La Primitiva.

How to play E Gorde de la Navidad?

Each bet on El Gordo de La Primitiva consists of selecting 5 numbers from a table with 54 numbers (the numbers from 1 to 54) and one number (the key number) from a table with 10 numbers (from 0 to 9). La Quiniela keeps 55% of the total winnings as prizes.

All you have to do is participate
1.- Choose a 5-digit combination and the key number you want to play with, or let the system provide you with a random number.

2.- You can bet on up to 6 combinations of 5 digits and key numbers at the same time (simple multi-block bets) or on combinations of more numbers (e.g. 6 numbers for 6 bets or 7 numbers for 6 bets), equivalent to 21 bets).

3- Add the desired combination or combinations to your purchase.

4- Further decide whether you want to make the same purchase week after week.

5.- Review all options and play.

Odds of winning for El Gordo de La Primitiva

category- Estimated chances of winning

1st place (5 + 1)
1 in 31,625,100

Second place (5+0)
1: 3.513.900

Third place (4+1)
1 point 129,082

Fourth place (4+0)
14,342 per 10,000

Fifth (3+1)
1 per 2,689

Sixth (3+0)
1 minute 299

Seventh (2+1)
1 minute 172

Eighth (2+0)
1 in 19