Pacafic lottery co canada

Pacific Lottery Corporation (PLC) was founded in 1995 and is a publicly traded company on the TSX-Venture exchange, trading under the ticker symbol “LUK”. The principal business of the Corporation is to supply comprehensive technology and professional services required for the proper operation of jurisdictional wide on-line lottery programs. The corporations’ focus is to supply its proprietary technology and accompanying services to a growing audience of international customers. Today, the Corporation exclusively leads the technical support activities for the On-Line lottery system in Vietnam.

About Pacific Lottery Corporation

The Company has set up under exclusive contract with the Vietnamese authorities, a modern electronic online lottery program, one of Asia’s most populated and economically vibrant countries. The Corporation is currently engaged in expanding this program and is contracted to supply the Vietnamese Government with additional proprietary central system equipment, hardware, software and accompanying lottery terminals, as well as provide the training and marketing support that is required for the implementation and proper operation of a National modern online electronic lottery program (similar to North American 6/49 & Powerball lotteries) throughout Vietnam. Full operations of the Corporations proprietary Technology are due to start in 2008 and the new Lottery infrastructure should then be progressively rolled out to cover the entire country. Offered under similar terms of the previous lottery contracts, Pacific Lottery also provides technology required for the proper set up and operation of sports’ betting programs.

The roll out the Corporations proprietary technology will also encompass the already up and running electronic lottery previously set up in Hanoi by Pacific Lottery in 1999.


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