Loteria Romana lotto 6/49

the Romania Lotto is great fun! Sometimes you have to look for a while to find the best European lottery. The are many on the continent, so pay attention to the pay-out rate and Jackpots. The Romania Lotto is definitely in the top list of European lotteries. Take the Jackpot, for example. Currently it’s worth more than 15.3 million Romanian Leu, which is about 3.2 million euros. Why should you definitely participate in the Romanian Lotto?

Where can you buy a Romanian Lotto ticket safely?

More than 3 million euros is definitely a great amount of money to win. You don’t even have to do a lot to win it actually. Yes, you need a lot of luck of course. But other than that, it’s just a question of buying a ticket on time. You can do this easily online, by using your computer, smartphone of tablet. The great thing about smartphones and tablets is that you can visit websites all over the world. You can even buy a ticket for the Romanian Lotto if you’re at the other side of the planet (if there’s an internet connection, of course). One of the best websites to buy an international ticket is TheLotter. It offers tickets for all kinds of European lotteries, including the Romania 6/49.

Having an own account at TheLotter
It’s required to make an account at TheLotter, but this is easy as well. Fill in your personal and financial details and buy every ticket you want. Don’t worry about your personal information, because the online security system of TheLotter protects it. TheLotter is well-known and has a very good name in Europe. Having an own TheLotter account has several advantages. First of all, it’s very easy to buy a lottery ticket and to fill in your preferred numbers. Second of all, and equally important, is that you often benefit from some nice discounts.

Romania Lottery tickets

A Romania Lotto ticket costs 8.75 euros, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to become a millionaire (hopefully!). On the standard ticket you find 3 lines. Each extra line costs 2.75 euros extra. You can add several extra lines, for example 5,10, 20 and 25. Perhaps you want to participate a single time to try this lottery out. If you liked it, buying a multi-package or a subscription is a good idea. By doing so, you participate in multiple draws. In case of the subscription you take part in every draw until you end it. One of the advantages of these options is that the lottery gives you a nice discount of 25 percent. So the lottery tickets of 8.25 euros each are suddenly much cheaper.

Jackpot and other prize categories of the Romania Lotto

Now that you’ve bought a ticket for the Romania 6/49 Lotto, it’s time to play. The rules of this popular lottery are quite simple, which makes it accessible to a lot of people. After buying a ticket, for example at theLotter, you need to select six numbers out of a 1-49 range. In contrast with other lotteries, there are no bonus numbers involved. Thursday and Sunday are the most exciting days in Romania, because then the draw of its most popular lottery takes place. You win the Jackpot if all the six numbers on your ticket match with those that appear during the lottery draw. Of course there are other prize categories besides the Jackpot as well. It means that you can still win big in the second or third prize category. For example, you already win about 100 euros with four matching numbers and even 8000 euros with five! It makes the Romania Lotto definitely worth trying.