Lot of Happiness: a new Dutch lottery that is a little bit different

Dutch people can choose between several lotteries in which they can win a lot of prizes. There’s even a chance of winning the Jackpot or a great car! Recently a new lottery was established: Lot of Happiness. What’s it all about?

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Lot of Happiness: a new Dutch lottery

Lot of Happiness is a new Dutch lottery. It got a license from the Gaming Authority in September 2017. The license has been granted to an organization called ‘Fairshare’. Many Dutch lotteries donate a part of their investment to charity, such as the BankGiro Lottery, the Postcode Lottery and the Friends Lottery. Lot of Happiness is no exception and has the same approach. However, there are some difference because this new lottery is not as big as the other lotteries from Novamedia.

Different than other lotteries

There are some interesting differences between Lot of Happiness and other lotteries. First of all, it focuses on charities that work for children. This is shown by its motto: ‘The best fate for sick children’. However, Lot of Happiness does much more than just support charities that help sick children. First of all, they believe that children in general should have a carefree life in freedom. Despite the fact that we are doing well in the Netherlands and that many children are happy here, this does not apply to all children. The lottery wants to have a good life for every Dutch child.

KiKa and Make-a-wish
Currently, Lot of Happiness is working with two charities: KiKa (Children Cancer Free) and Make-a-wish. KiKa is committed to research into child cancer, and aims to increase the survival rate of children with cancer from 75% to 95%. Make-a-wish fulfils the wishes of seriously ill children. The child’s imagination determines the wish, and this can vary up to one day walking in a dream job to meeting an idol.

How does Lot of Happiness work?

Lot of Happiness works in as easy way. First of all, as you might guess, you need to buy tickets for the lottery. These cost 12.50 euros each. There are 12 monthly draws and four extra quarterly draws every year, making a total of 16 draws. The regular draws are every second Monday of the month, and the quarter draws on the fourth Monday of March, June, September and December. You decide which charity you want to play for, so you can choose KiKa or Make-a-wish right now. They promise that at least fifty percent of your money will go to the charity. The other half goes to the prize pool, the organization, and marketing to attract new participants. The larger the number of participants, the bigger the prize package becomes.
Lottery ticket with letters and numbers
Your lottery ticket has two letters and six numbers, and together they form a unique lot number. The first prize is drawn from all the lottery numbers. Because of this it’s not guaranteed to go out every month. The prize will be postponed for another month if it doesn’t fall. All other prizes are based on lottery numbers and are guaranteed to be awarded every month. You can play once, or through a continuous subscription.

What are the chances of winning the Lot of Happiness lottery?
The chance of winning the Lot of Happiness lottery is 20%, or 1 in 5. This is not very big, but do realize that this lottery was set up mainly to support charities. The more participants there are, the more the prize pool will grow, so that the chance of winning the lottery remains at 1 in 5.
Which prizes can you win?
On August 15, 2018 the first draw of Lot of Happiness took place. The prizes was made of cash prizes and a diverse range of goods, whether they were sponsored or not. The second draw will take place on September 10. The prize pool has the following prizes:

  • The jackpot amounts to 50,000 euros. Although it’s not guaranteed to go out, all other prizes are.
  • 500 euros
  • 100 euros
  • 50 euros
  • 10 euros
  • A cruise for two persons
  • A citytrip for two persons
  • A 40 inch Sharp TV
  • Two airline tickets to a European city of your choice, return ticket
  • A Bath Gift