the new MillionDAY lottery?

Did you know that Italy is also the land of ‘La Dolce Vita’ when it comes to gambling? Recently the Italians learned to know about a new lottery called ‘MillionDAY’. It has a daily draw with a guaranteed Jackpot of 1 million euros.

The simple rules of MillionDAY

There are one million other reasons to participate in the new MillionDAY lottery. First of all, the rules are quite simple. After buying a ticket you need to choose five numbers out of a 1-55 range. If these numbers match with those that appear during the draw, you’re the lucky Jackpot winner!

1 million euros guaranteed

Second, it doesn’t matter how many players are just as lucky as you. Each ticket wins 1 million euros guaranteed. The other prize divisions of MillionDAY, three in total, offer some nice prize money as well. You win money when there’s a match with two, three, four or five numbers.

Cheap tickets
We have great news: you don’t have to pay a lot for a MillionDAY ticket. Just pay a few euros to have a chance on the guaranteed Jackpot of 1 million euros. Don’t be sad if you don’t win, because the next day you have another chance. MillionDAY is known for its great winning odds, so who knows? The daily draw of this amazing Italian lottery takes place at 19.00 local time. Good luck!