Gratta e Vinci or Scratch and Win

“Gratta e Vinci,” which translates to “Scratch and Win” in English, is a popular type of instant lottery game in Italy. These are scratch cards, a form of gambling where the outcome is immediately known upon scratching off a layer of the card to reveal symbols or numbers.

Unlike traditional lotteries where players have to wait for a draw, “Gratta e Vinci” provides immediate results. This can be an exciting element in a story, as it offers instant drama or a quick change in a character’s fortune.

Gratta e Vinci” games

There are many different types of “Gratta e Vinci” games, each with its own theme and way of playing. The variety ranges from simple match-to-win formats to more complex games with multiple ways to win.

These scratch cards are widely available at tobacconists, newsstands, and other authorized retailers throughout Italy, making them a common part of everyday life for many Italians.

Cultural Impact

  • Popularity: “Gratta e Vinci” is immensely popular in Italy. Its accessibility and the immediate nature of the game make it a favorite pastime for many.
  • Social Aspect: The act of scratching a card can be a social activity, often done in the presence of friends or family, adding to its appeal in storytelling.


A character’s attitude towards “Gratta e Vinci” can reveal much about their personality. For example, a character might be superstitious, choosing cards in a ritualistic way, or another might be a skeptic, playing only occasionally or for the fun of it.

Winning or losing in “Gratta e Vinci” can serve as a turning point in a story. A sudden win can bring about a change in fortune, while a loss can be a setback or a lesson for a character.

The act of scratching off a layer to reveal something hidden can be used metaphorically in a narrative. It can symbolize themes like chance, fate, the unveiling of truths, or the uncovering of hidden aspects of a character’s personality.