China Welfare Lottery

Why the China Welfare Lottery is good for everyone

The Welfare Lottery is a well-known name in China. It was established in 1987, as one of the only two legal lotteries in China. It offers tickets for great casino games such as Double Colour Ball and 3D Lottery.

Great China casino games
You can enjoy Double Colour Ball three times a week and, even more important, win millions if you’re lucky. The 3D lottery is great as well and can be played every day. As a player you can win a cash prize when the winning numbers in the correct order appear. Last, but not least, there is Lucky 7. When the seven numbers in the Lucky 7 match the player can win millions. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Donations to charity China Welfare Lottery

The China Welfare Lottery does not only offer amazing games, but gives a lot of money to charities as well. For example, thanks the donations of this lottery many elderly and/or disabled people all over the country have a better life. So it’s good for everyone. The China Sports Lottery wins from the Welfare Lottery when it comes to popularity though. One reason for this is the sports lottery has a gaming element whereas the other does not.