Have the best New Years Ever with the PostcodeKanjer

Have the best New Years Ever with winning the jackpot of the PostcodeKanjer!

This year the PostcodeKanjer of the Dutch Postcode Lottery during New Years Every will be worth 53,9 million euros. So it’s definitely worth it to buy a lottery ticket! Perhaps your neighbourhood will win an incredible amount of money during New Years Eve. What are the rules of the PostcodeLottery Kanjer?

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Dutch Postcode Lottery prize money

A great number of prizes can be win at the Dutch Postcode Lottery. 50.000 or 25.000 euros is no exception. Or perhaps you’re the lucky winner of 10.000, 2500 or 250 euros. You can win this prize money before December 29, 2017 at 3 p.m. On this day the last of the 14 weekly draws of the Dutch Postcode Lottery. Don’t be sad if you haven’t won. It’s also possible to take part in another draw. Every draw always takes places on the last weekday before the 8th of the next month.

New Years Eve draw

The draws of the Dutch PostcodeLottery are organized every month. It’s also possible to participate in the New Years Eve draw. Your neighbourhood might win more than 53 million euros! Make sure that you’re in front of the television to see the results. The lottery draws start at 10.00 a.m at the Van Eeghenstraat 70 in Amsterdam. Because of the big prizes, it comes as no surprise that this lottery has been incredibly popular for several decades. You can gamble in a safe and secure way, because the Postcode Lottery has a permit from the Gambling Authority in the Netherlands.

Cheap tickets postcodekanjer

Your winning money will be transferred to your bank account within 4 weeks, although this term cannot be guaranteed. Be aware of the fact that there’s a gambling tax on prizes about 449 euros. If you consider the prize money that can be won during a draw, a ticket for the PostcodeKanjer isn’t expensive. It costs 13,25 euros for every draw, including an extra option that doubles your money.You can activate a maximum of 3 lottery tickets for every bank account number.

Perhaps you want to be a participant anymore or play without the doubler. In that case you should call the support team at 0900 – 300 1500.

Who else is looking forward to the Dutch PostcodeLottery draw at New Years Eve?

In just a few weeks we will celebrate New Years Eve. The Dutch Postcode Lottery makes the party even better. At January 1st 2018 participants can win the so-called ‘PostcodeKanjer’, which is worth 53,9 milion euros. Speaking about a good start of the year! It is the highest prize money in the history of this lottery. How is the PostcodeKanjer made possible?

A very special New Years Eve
The Postcode Lottery organizes 14 draws a year. The draw during New Years Eve 2018 will be very special. At the last day of 2017 an entire neighbourhood can win the biggest prize money in the history of the PostcodeKanjer ever. The total amount of money that can be won is 53,9 million euros! So the excitement during this New Years Eve PostcodeLottery will be incredible.

How does the PostcodeKanjer work?

The PostcodeKanjer works in a special way. The prize is won by everyone who shares the same zip code with each other. One part of the prize is given to the winners who live in the neighbourhood with the same zipcode and the other part to the winners with a complete zipcode, so with numbers and letters included.

Win more money with extra credits
Other great prizes are won on this day as well. It would also be great to win 5000, 10.000 or 50.000 euros. Loyal players have a chance to win more money. This is made possible by the so called ‘kanjer credits’. It means that you save an extra credit every time you participate in the lottery. Every participant receives 10 credits for every draw. How more kanjer credits, how bigger your share in the prize money will be. The PostcodeLottery wants to give everyone a fair chance. This is why you can collect 140 kanjer credits each year. These points disappear when the new year begins, so you have to collect them again. We hope you will have a great start of 2018!

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