How to become a millionaire with EuroMillions?

Thanks to EuroMillions, Tuesday and Friday evening are never the same. On these days you have a chance of becoming a millionaire. Obviously only when you participate in this popular lottery.

EuroMillions in Europe

EuroMillions is organized in countries all over Europe. It’s incredibly popular because of the very high Jackpots. Sometimes the prize money starts at € 17 million, and Jackpot of € 190 million is no exception. Thanks to the My Bonus option there are more Belgian winners than ever. Every player only has to pay € 2.50 for a combination.

Jackpot money

EuroMillions uses a basis Jackpot. For every draw it contains € 17 million, and every time there is no hit the amount of money will increase. Sometimes the Jackpot increases to € 130 million euros! The maximum amount of Jackpot money is € 190 million euros. The winner needs to have 5 correct numbers and 2 stars.

Still no winner?
Sometimes there is still no winner after 5 draws, even though there is € 190 million euros in the Jackpot. In that case the money is divided among the winner(s) in the lower categories. In this special situation, normal wins in the MegaMillions lottery also are added.