Winning the lottery sounds quite easy, if you only take a look at the rules. Take the SuperEnalotto in Italy, for example. The only thing you need to have is a ticket with six numbers that correspond with those from the draw. The reality is different of course. The winning odds of a lottery aren’t very high. On the other hand, a recent SuperEnalotto Jackpot win in Italy shows that becoming super rich is definitely possible. On April 17th 2018 a very lucky player won more than 130 million euros.

SuperEnalotto draws

One of the great things about the SuperEnalotto draw is that you can win several times a week. Each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday a draw takes place. The chance that you have 6 right-backs from 90 is 1:622 million. Quite small, but the past has shown that it’s possible.

Good news on Twitter
The SuperEnalotto lottery in Italy is organized by the Sisal company. In April they announced the good news on Twitter and mentioned that the winning ticket had been sold on the island of Sicily. Someone bought a syndicate with the winning numbers 12, 23, 39, 54, 72 and 73 in a store in the small commune of Caltanissetta.

Fifth highest win
Perhaps the winner had been a participant of the SuperEnalotto for a while. He or she probably couldn’t believe it when the Jackpot fell. Try to that imagine that you suddenly have 130.195.242,12 euros on your bank account! It was a day Sicily will never forget. It’s the fifth highest win in the history of SuperEnalotto and also the first time in 2018 that a ‘six right wingers’ hit took place in the lottery.

Other Jackpot hits
The Jackpot of April 2018 is impressive, but not the highest ever. That one took place in October 2010, when a player won 178 million euros. Six years later, in 2016, another player won just a fantastic amount of money as well, namely 163 million euros. Other participants took home SuperEnalotto Jackpots of 147 million euros (2009) and 139 million euros (2010)

No Jackpot hit for almost a year
People were definitely looking forward to a new SuperEnalotto Jackpot hit. The last time was almost a year ago, in early August 2017. Back then a player from Venice just paid 4.50 for a ticket and then won the Jackpot of 78 million euros. Speaking about luck!

No forced payout
The big Jackpot win is absolutely inspiring. Now everyone has a new chance, because the Jackpot will start from the beginning. There is no maximum or forced payout, which means that the Jackpot rises until a hit. The minimum amount of Jackpot money is usually 24 million, so not bad at all!