$1 billion Mega Millions lottery winner in Michigan

Following a record run of 37 draws, the 2nd-largest jackpot within the good reputation for Mega Millions was won Friday night! The ultimate jackpot worth of $1.05 billion ($776.six million cash), updated to mirror strong sales, would go to a lucky ticket holder in Michigan. Which was the only real ticket to complement all six figures attracted The month of january 22 – the white-colored balls 4, 26, 42, 50 and 60, as well as the gold Mega Ball 24.

Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot was certainly the most valuable lottery jackpots ever, based on organizers.

One ticket matched all six figures – 4, 26, 42, 50, 60, and 24 -essential to win the believed $1 billion prize, based on Mega Millions. The yet-to-be-identified champion can pick between lengthy-term payments or perhaps a $739.six million lump-sum payout before taxes.

It’s the 18th Mega Millions jackpot won in Michigan through the years the final one would be a prize distributed to Rhode Island on October 13, 2017. Michigan is among the original founding people of Mega Millions.

The enormous jackpot is the second biggest prize within the game’s history, below only another billion-dollar jackpot, the incredible $1.537 billion won in Sc on October 23, 2018 – still the world’s largest lotto prize ever awarded on one ticket.

Lucky Day player from Zwijndrecht wins 12,000 euros

At the Lucky Day draw on Tuesday 29 December, a prize of 12,000 euros was won by a Lucky Day player who had tried his or her luck at the Albert Heijn in Zwijndrecht.

In the Lucky Day draw on Tuesday 29 December a prize of 12,000 euros was won by a Lucky Day player who had tried his or her luck at the Albert Heijn in Zwijndrecht. With an investment of 3 euro this player won 12.000 gross.

Lucky Day is a game of chance of the Dutch Lottery. Lucky Day has a daily draw in which you play by choosing 1 to 10 numbers from 80 numbers. What someone wins depends on the number of numbers that have been chosen, the number of numbers that have been correctly predicted and the bet.

The winner is invited to pick up his or her prize at the office of the Dutch Lottery. It is a gross prize, there is still 30.1% gambling tax withheld. The Dutch Lottery never announces the names of prize winners.

These Eurojackpot players were very lucky: will you be next?

Sometimes all you need is just a bit of luck to see your life changed forever. It might help if you become a Eurojackpot player. The following list of players clearly shows that it’s definitely possible to win millions in this incredible lottery! They live in all parts of the world: from the Netherlands to Sweden, Spain and Denmark. Will you follow into their footsteps?

Jackpot of 53 million in Sweden
‘Grattis’ is the Swedish word for congratulations. A very lucky Eurojackpot player from this country probably heard it a lot in the last couple of weeks, because he or she won the Jackpot of 53 million euros! This is about 561,942,260 Swedish Crowns and more than enough to heave a luxurious lifestyle. The Swedish player wasn’t the only lucky one, because players from Norway, Finland and Germany also won a big prize. The highest prize in the Netherlands was worth 2672,50 euros. This player had one of the 21,756 prize winning tickets in the Netherlands. He or she played online with Eurojackpot, which was obviously a very good decision.

The sun shines bright in the Netherlands
The sun is shining brightly for a Eurojackpot player living in the Dutch city of Rijswijk. He or she probably doesn’t even care when it rains, since 101,492,70 euros was recently added to his or her bank account. The big win took place on Friday March 8 and it was actually the third prize. In total 14,809 tickets were sold for this special draw. The second prize of 1 million dollars was one in other European countries, namely Denmark, Finland and Germany. There were even two German winners, speaking about luck! Next Friday the prize will be worth 2 million dollars.
Eurojackpot player from Amsterdam wins 384.190,10 euros
2019 has started well for a Eurojackpot player from Amsterdam. He or she has won 384.190,10 euros in total, not bad isn’t it? The lucky player is one of the four winners of the second prize. With a second prize, the winner has 5 numbers and 1 bonus number. The other winners come from Germany, Norway and Hungary. The Jackpot has not fallen, and is now worth an incredible 17 million euros!

Winners come from all over Europe
During the sixth draw of Eurojackpot, another Jackpot hit took place. A very lucky resident living in the German Rhineland-Palatinate was the only winner of no less than € 63.248.942,30. The second prize has also been won. Four Eurojackpot players from Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland were lucky enough to win € 590,259.40 per person. In the Netherlands, there were 20,101 prize winning lottery tickets.

Dreams will come true for a Eurojackpot player in 2019
Just before the end of 2018, a great Jackpot of 19 million dollars has fallen partly in the Netherlands and partly in Germany. The two winners have won no less than € 9,606,434 per person! The winning ticket in the Netherlands was bought online. The Dutch winner probably has a fantastic new year ahead in which his or her dreams come trueWe wish the Dutch winner a fantastic new year in which dreams come true!

Jackpot of 10 million for Spanish player
Sometimes it takes weeks of waiting for the Jackpot to fall. In the week of December 15, 2018 the Jackpot fell a week after it had fallen the week before. The lucky Eurojackpot winner of 10.000.000 million euros lives in Spain. In the Netherlands a prize was won with 12,751 lottery tickets with a total worth of 153,451.70 euros was won. Also not bad at all!

Don’t dream, just do it and win
‘Play in Eurojackpot on Friday. Don’t dream, do it!’ is the tagline of Eurojackpot. The Danish player who bought a ticket for this lottery definitely made a good choice. On Saturday December 8, 2018 he or she won no less than 33,208,146.80 euros, which is 210,688,619 Danish crowns. The highest lottery price in the Netherlands in this week was in the 3rd prize category. The prize of 83,949.50 euros fell in Gouda, and somebody is probably enjoying it now! During this week a total of 15,873 Dutch lottery tickets contained a prize.

Lottery player from Antwerp wins 500 euros per month, for the rest of his life

Today we bring you the story of a very lucky lottery player from the Belgian city of Antwerp. At the beginning of August, this over-45 year old bought a Win for Life of 1 euros. And he hit it off, because he discovered that he would be paid 500 euros every month for the rest of his life. ‘I knew immediately that I had won, but I didn’t shout my joy in the newsagent’s store’, he told the press.

What do we know about the winner?

We don’t know a lot about the lucky winner. However, he lives in Antwerpen, works as a crane operator and is between 45 and 54 years old. He also has a partner to share the money with.

Simple pleasures of life

Despite this monthly bonus, the winner plans to continue working full time. The 500 euros extra each month will allow him to save. Before his win, he bought a ticket for the National Lottery every month for 10 euros. He prefers the simple pleasures of life such as walking in nature, watching a movie or having a nice dinner with his partner, friends or family.

All the winners of the EuroJackpot in 2020

Every week more than 15 thousand Dutch lottery player wins a prize at Eurojackpot. The last time the Jackpot was claimed in Spain and Germany. Where else has the Eurojackpot fallen? What are the big prizes that have fallen in the Netherlands?

Lucky winner from Schiedam

On February 28, 2020 a player from Schiedam won a lot of money. With the numbers 12-22-24-29-38-5-6 he won a big prize of 514.666,40 euros. Three other players from Germany, Poland and Norway also won 514,666.40 euros.

Three Dutch Jackpot winners

There was some great news on May 1st, 2020. On that day the Jackpot fell in Germany. The winner has won 90,000,000 million euros with the numbers 6-11-12-21-41-1-2. In the Netherlands there are three lucky Eurojackpot players who have won 129,954.90 euros each.

Many Swedish crowns

The Jackpot has fallen again! On Friday, May 8, 2020 Eurojackpot player from Sweden took home no less than € 13,286,943.40. In Swedish Crowns this is 141 million. This is the third time the Jackpot has fallen in Sweden. In the Netherlands 19,682 lottery tickets were won. The winning numbers were 9-11-15-36-43-8-9.

Great month for lucky Italian player

A Eurojackpot player from Italy will never forget Friday May 29, 2020. On that day he won the Jackpot of 33,290,606.90 euros. The winning numbers were 8-22-31-32-36-6-10. May was a great month anyway, because it was the third time in one month that the Jackpot fell. The highest prize in the Netherlands was 5,501.60 euros.

Winning lottery ticket from Klundert

During the Eurojackpot draw of Friday, June 12, a lottery ticket worth 110.849,20 euros was sold at Primera van den Berge in Klundert. This winner had the five first numbers 7-16-22-30-48-2-8. He or she is one of the six European winners in the third category.

120,431.60 euros won by a resident from Medemblik

Friday June 19, 2020 was a special day. For the second week in a row, the third prize was awarded in the Netherlands. Six European players have won 120,431.60 euros each. One of these lucky winners is Dutch and lives in the municipality of Medemblik. He and others had the winning numbers 2- 22-33-38-47-2-9

Player from Norway takes home 44 million euros

On June 26, 2020 the EuroJackpot of 44,565,9242.80 euros fell. This time a player from Norway was the lucky one. He or she had a ticket with the winning numbers 14-16-32-34-47-7-9. In the Netherlands the highest prize was 4,338.30 euros.

Seven winners

One lucky winner from Ysselsteyn took home 93,222.70 euros on July 17, 2020. The Dutch winner had the first five numbers right. He or she was not the only one, because seven players from other European countries were lucky enough to win as well. All of them bought a ticket with winning numbers 13-21-25-34-35-5-10

Spanish and German players win millions of euros

Great news: the Jackpot has fallen! A player from Spain and a player from Germany together share the Jackpot were both lucky enough to win 38,145,589.70 euros. The lucky numbers were 2- 22-33-38-47-2-9.In the Netherlands there were four winners. These players won a prize in the fourth category of 3.040,10 euros, which is great news as well. Congratulations!

Many lottery tickets sold in the Netherlands

In 2020, 719,265 lottery tickets have been awarded in the Netherlands so far. So it’s a good year for lottery players. The second prize has, so far, been won twice in the Netherlands. However, the third prize was won no less than 5 times.


Thanks to many enthusiastic lottery players, the EuroJackpot can contribute a record amount of 173.1 million euros to the Netherlands in 2019.

$22 Million Powerball jackpot with two winners

Buddies Thomas Prepare and Frederick Feeney shook hands in 1992, swearing if each one won the Powerball jackpot, they’d split the winnings…no matter who bought check in. Tom, of Elk Mound, and Joe, of Menomonie, made good with that handshake when Tom recognized a Powerball ticket he purchased at Synergy Coop Exit 45 on 2100 County Rd. B in Menomonie for that June 10 drawing was the $22 Million jackpot champion.

first Wisconsin Powerball jackpot won since March 2019

Selecting the money choice of roughly $16.seven million, Tom and Joe each required home about $5.seven million after federal and condition taxes. This win is Wisconsin’s 18th Powerball jackpot since Wisconsin debuted the sport in 1992. This is actually the first Wisconsin Powerball jackpot won since March 2019 when Wisconsin were built with a record-setting $768.4 Million jackpot champion. Wisconsin has become tied for 4th around the all-time listing of most often winning states.

After learning from the win, Tom known as Joe to inform him this news and Joe, an enthusiastic fisherman, could not quite accept is as true. “He known as i and me stated, ‘are you jerking my bobber?'” stated Joe. Tom gave his two days-notice and upon the market upon learning of his win. Joe is formerly upon the market from your area fire department.

Neither have extravagant plans for that winnings but they are searching toward enjoying more family time. “We are able to pursue what we should understand. I can not consider an easy method to retire,” stated Tom. They are doing expect with a traveling. Formerly, Tom, Joe, as well as their spouses required a car trip together in a tiny PT Cruiser convertible. For future road journeys, they intend to upgrade their vehicle.