December State Lottery first prize in Thorn

For someone in Doorn, the new year started very well. There, the first prize of the State Lottery was won and someone is now 30 million richer in one fell swoop. The winner can only report tomorrow, because the customer service of the State Lottery is still closed today. That a New Year’s Eve lottery is a tradition for many people was also evident this year. No less than 7.1 million people bought a lottery ticket, of which 3.4 million bought a whole lottery ticket and 4.7 million bought a half lottery ticket. Yet the chance of winning the first prize is very small, we calculated.

The winning ticket has the combination FF 41849. The winner had a whole lottery ticket and bought it online. The prize is therefore automatically credited to the bank account number provided. That is the standard procedure for lottery tickets bought online.

There were no more million prizes to be won, but in Dieren, Hellevoetsluis, Borne, Coevorden and Tilburg, tickets were sold that won a prize of 100,000 euros.

The lottery also organises a so-called millionaire’s dinner every year. “For this we invite people who have won big prizes in the past. They can then talk to each other about it, because only other winners can understand what happened to you, also because many people like to remain anonymous.

27 million winner found dead in home: ‘Money destroyed my life’

A Northern Ireland resident was found dead in her home on Thursday morning. The woman won Northern Ireland’s biggest ever jackpot eight years ago, but the money did not make her particularly happy. Money has destroyed my life”, she once said in an interview. Loughrey’s life has not always been a bed of roses. The woman was in a difficult time when she bought the lottery ticket in 2013; she was out of work and living on unemployment benefits. But one day, after visiting a job fair, she bought a lottery ticket on a whim that changed her life completely. Loughrey won the biggest jackpot ever won in Northern Ireland of a whopping £27 million.

Police found Loughrey’s body in her modest home in the Irish village of Strabane on Wednesday morning. The circumstances in which she was found were not suspicious. Police are investigating the cause of death.

Eurojackpot players from Holland win €115,668 each

In last night’s Eurojackpot draw two big prizes were won in the Netherlands. The players bought the winning tickets from the Cigo in Scheveningen and from the Cigo De Posthoorn in Amstelveen. They won €115,668.60 each. The lucky winners are being urged to take their winning lottery tickets to the Dutch Lottery, which owns Eurojackpot. The prize is a gross amount and the winners will still have to pay gambling tax on this amount. The identity of the prize winners will not be disclosed.

What were the winning numbers?

In the Eurojackpot draw the numbers 46 – 31 – 39 – 4 – 43 and the bonus numbers 4 – 1 were drawn. The Dutch winners got the first five numbers right. Two players from Poland and Finland got all the numbers right and share the €90 million jackpot. This means that on Friday 20 August the jackpot will reach an expected amount of 10 million euros.

$285 million winner purchases ticket at Jacksonville station

Someone in Jacksonville is probably now among the wealthiest individuals the condition because the Florida Lottery announced Saturday’s $286 million winning Powerball ticket was offered in your area in a Circle K. The June 5 Quick Pick winning figures were 44 – 52 – 54 – 64 – 69 and also the Powerball was 26. The store will get a $100,000 bonus commission, based on the Lottery. The Powerball jackpot champion may be the 16th in Florida, the Lottery stated.

The prize is not claimed yet, however the winning ticket originated from the service station and convenience store at 721 S. Chaffee Road.

What are the winning Powerball numbers?

The June 5 Quick Pick winning figures were 44 – 52 – 54 – 64 – 69 and also the Powerball was 26. The store will get a $100,000 bonus commission, based on the Lottery.

Florida Powerball jackpot winners have 180 days in the date from the drawing to assert the prize. However, to elect the main one-time, lump-sum cash payment option, the claim should be filed within two months following the winning draw date, based on the Lottery.

$150,000 Powerball winner in Genesee County

Sir Belcher, of Grand Blanc, matched four from the five white-colored balls and also the Powerball – 02-28-31-44-52, PB: 18 – within the February. 27 drawing to win a $50,500 prize. Because of the Powerplay, the prize was multiplied to $150,100. He bought his winning ticket online at the website.

“I enjoy playing Club Keno and something day after i was checking my figures, I made the decision to purchase a regular membership for Powerball,” stated Belcher.

You play for many years and win just a little in some places, after which one random decision to purchase a regular membership results in a huge win! It’s unbelievable! Belcher visited Lottery headquarters to assert his prize. He intends to invest his winnings.

Online players may join a regular membership for Fantasy 5, Lotto 47, Lucky for Existence, Mega Millions, and Powerball. To register, players simply need to toggle the subscribe choice to “yes” within their account when buying of the jackpot game. Players can choose the amount of tickets they would like to buy for each drawing, their figures, and then any add-ons. The subscription will instantly renew weekly, however a player can cancel anytime.

96 million winner for Powerball

Mister and misses Padavan of Blossvale have claimed the $96 million jackpot prize in the Mega Millions® drawing held on Feb 16. Leonard mentioned his most sage advice along with other Lottery players is play always for entertainment not to win money

The winning figures in the drawing were 1, 26, 44, 54 and 66, Mega Ball 10. The winning ticket was bought at Kinney Drugs found at 2 Preston St. in Camden, N.Y.

The happy couple opted to split up the jackpot evenly with each and every getting just a single one time payment of $23,016,702 after needed withholdings. They plan to pool their prize money to “buy an RV” to call home out their dreams.