Frummel’ by Staatsloterij and TBWANEBOKO wins the Gouden Loeki star. The winners received the public award in a special broadcast of Omroep MAX on NPO 1. The battle for the golden statue started on 3 February when the voting boxes were opened. The Dutch public could vote for their favourites until 23 February. In total, a record amount of over 54,000 votes was cast.

Commercial lotto

It is the third year in a row that Staatsloterij and TBWANEBOKO go home with the golden statue. Previously, the commercials about the dog Frekkel (2018) and the hedgehog Freddie (2019) won the advertising award.

In the commercial, the kitten is adopted by a kind gentleman and turns out to be a true lucky cat: every time the animal meows, it brings good luck. The same happens when the protagonist wants to buy a ticket. The owner, however, awards the ticket to a young couple behind him in the queue.