In Wetaskiwin County in Canada lives a very happy couple named Edward Philpott and Stella Sacrey. They recently became the lucky winners of the 12.5 million Lotto 6/49 Jackpot. The couple had to wait many years to win, because Stella has been a participant for 36 years! She actually took place in the very first draw of this lottery ever, and never thought it would take so long to win big.

The story of Stella and Edward
During a press conference the couple told their amazing story. It was Stella who bought the million dollar worth ticket at a gas station in Pigeon Lake. The ticket only costs 7 dollars. When Stella woke up in the morning she thought it would be a day like any other. However, when she checked the numbers she almost spit her morning coffee over it! The lucky woman realized that the ticket numbers matched with those from the draw. Her hands started to tremble, because it’s not normal to have more than 12 million dollars in your hands.

Not a joke
When Stella calmed down a little bit she called her husband out of bed. He thought she was joking at first. His wife had always believed she would win eventually, whether it was at the age of 30 or 80! She always trusted her gut, and eventually it turned out she was right. February 28, 2018 was an historical day for Stella, Edward and Wetaskiwin County. A big cheque was presented to the couple in St. Albert.

The lucky winners from Alberta
Alberta is quite a lucky place if you take a look at the Lotto winners. Before Stella and Edward there were already seven other prizes worth at least a million dollars in 2018! You can find these numbers at the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission. At the moment two million dollar winners still have to claim their prize. They have year to come forward. Luckily Stella and Edward aren’t one of them. They’re already enjoying their millions, probably with a new car or on a luxurious vacation destination!