For a resident from Brussel, January 2, 2019 became one of the best days ever. After participating for 25 years in the National Lottery he was lucky enough to win the Lotto Jackpot of 7.5 million euros! The name of the winner is not known, but some information was released by the National Lottery. What do we know about the lucky winner?

What do we know about the new millionaire?

The new millionaire is between 45 and 54 years old, lives in Brussels and speaks French. He worked as a doctor before he became rich and often bought a lottery ticket. For the lucky draw he visited the online platform on to play Quick Pick. The doctor spend just 10 euros for a 8 combinations worth 1,25 euros each. The best decision of his life!

Never give up
The story of this winner, who has spend just 10 euros, is very inspiring. He played for about 25 years in the Lotto and with other National Lottery products. For example, he also liked Win for Life and EuroMillions. So never give up, and you might follow into his footsteps! Can you imagine all the things you can do with 7.5 million euros? It’s now possible to invest in real estate, pay for your children’s tuitions and support some charities. The lucky resident from Brussels has a passion or wine and is now planning to visit winegrowers all over the world. He has enough money to taste the very best wine!

A promising year for Lotto

2019 has just begun, but it’s already a good year for Lotto. On January 5th two other participants became millionaire, incredible! Perhaps Belgium will have a lot of new millionaires this year. One of the biggest Lotto winners ever also comes from Belgium. He won 13 million euros in a Lotto Extra Draw on December 31st, 2013! So the number 13 doesn’t always bring back luck…