The Dutch State Lottery donated millions of euros to society in 2018

The Dutch State Lottery donated millions of euros to society in 2018

Every year, the Dutch Lottery invests a large part of its revenue in Dutch society. Sport organizations, charities and much more are supported with a lot money to realize initiatives in health, exercise and well-being areas. How much has the Dutch Lottery donated last year?

Donations to charities in 2018

In 2018 the Dutch Lottery donated 43,200,000 euros to NOC*NSF and 74 sports associations. The organization gives a lot of money because it finds health and sports very important. In total eighteen charities were supported with 16,400,000 euros to be precisely. The Dutch government received money from the lottery as well, namely 101,600,000 euros.

‘Very proud’
The Dutch Lottery likes to make as many people as possible happy every year with great prizes and donations to charities. Niels Onkenhout, who serves as the Managing Director of the Dutch Lottery, said in a statement that the organization is very proud to donate a large part of their revenue to the Netherlands, 161 million euros in total.
A good year for the lottery
2018 has been an exceptionally good year for the Dutch Lottery. According to Onkenhout, it has invested a lot in a promising future. The organization has worked hard to make it even stronger, so that it can offer more to customers. By doing so, the lottery can remain successful and achieve good results in a market that is changing all the time.

Increase of turnover
The Dutch State Lottery and the Lotto merged together in 2016. The new organization was built with hard work and passion from 2017 onwards. At the moment the Dutch Lottery is ‘commercially, financially and organizationally sound and stable’, Onkenhout stated. This is proven by the fact that the total turnover increased with 6 percent in 2018, which meant that it got 65 million euros more. This meant a total revenue of 1169 million euros last year.

Growth of the lottery market
The great turnover is caused by the growth of the lottery market and the fact that the Dutch Lottery responded to this in a good way. Players benefit from the turnover growth as well: in 2018 the Dutch lottery paid out 775 million euros to prize winners. This is much more than the 43 million euros of 2017!

Why are there problems around lottery Lotisico Risk?

Why are there problems around lottery Lotisico Risk?

Recently, the Gaming Authority received a lot of questions about the Lotisico Risk Lottery. The reason for this is that this lottery no longer draws and does not pay out prizes. Stakeholders are unable to contact the company behind the lottery. Why is this happening?

What is Lotisico Risk?

The ‘N.V. De Eerste Nederlandsche Maatschappij tot Verzekering van Risisico in Loterijen Lotisico’ was founded in 1902. In that year, the company launched an insurance policy against the loss of the State Lottery. People had to pay 150 guilders for this policy. Lotisico’s offered three annual draws with a chance of cash prizes as a counterpart. Initially, the lottery was linked to the results of the State Lottery. When the numbering method of the State Lottery changed, Lotisico had to hold its own draws at the beginning of the 1930s. The lottery policy remained valid until ten thousand guilders, which is 4537 euros nowadays, in prize money had been won on that policy. Many current policyholders inherited the lottery policy. No new policies have been issued since the 1950s. It is estimated that there are still some sixty thousand policies in circulation.

Why are there problems now?
There are some problems around Lot Risk. Of the three drawings that should have taken place in 2017, only two were held. Also problematic is the fact that prize winners will not receive their prizes that were won in 2017. Policyholders who try to sound the alarm at Lotisico do not even get a response. The phone is not answered, there is no reply to e-mails and the website has also been taken off the air.

What can the gaming authority do about this?
The Gaming Act (Wok) is the legal framework in which the Gaming Authority operates. Article 44 states that the Wok does not apply to lotteries from before 1905. Formally, therefore, there is nothing the Gaming Authority can do, because Lotisico was established in 1902. The Gaming Authority understands that this is unsatisfactory for policyholders, but it cannot act without a legal basis.

What can policyholders do?
Earlier this year, the program ‘RADAR’ paid attention to Lot Risk. A specialist lawyer said that those affected can seek Lotisico’s bankruptcy. For this to happen, it is first necessary for them to give the company notice of default. This can be done by means of a standard letter on the Radar website.

Resident from Enschede wins 30 million euros in Dutch State Lottery

Resident from Enschede wins 30 million euros in Dutch State Lottery

New Year’s Eve is always an exciting day for the participants of the Dutch State Lottery. They’re having a chance on winning million of euros. On December 31, 2018 it was announced that the lucky winner of this year lives in Enschede. The lottery player has won 30 million euros with the lot number AV 83402. Incredible!

Congratulations from the State lottery

The new Dutch multimillionaire stays anonymous. The State Lottery is excited about the win and manager Sander van de Vooren calls it ‘a great start of the year’ for the new rich resident from Enschede. The lottery very much likes to personally congratulate the winner with the amazing prize, and the millionaire has been invited to the lottery office in Rijswijk.

Winner from last year
The New Year’s Eve draw, called ‘Oudejaarstrekking in Dutch’, was organized for the 27th time. Last year a lucky player from the province of North Brabant won 30 million euros on a whole ticket. In total, more than 6.3 million lots were sold for the 2018 New Year’s Eve draw. Compared to 2017, the total revenue of the New Years Eve draw rose by almost 5%.

Residents from Putten and Kampen win Postcode Lottery NYE prize

Residents from Putten and Kampen win Postcode Lottery NYE prize

Announced on television
The Postcode Lottery announced the good news on Tuesday afternoon in the RTL 4 television program Koffietijd (Coffee Time). The winners have to share the prize money with each other. The more tickets the participants play with, the greater they share in the prize.

Announced on television
The Postcode Lottery announced the good news on Tuesday afternoon in the RTL 4 television program Koffietijd (Coffee Time). The winners have to share the prize money with each other. The more tickets the participants play with, the greater they share in the prize.

Letter from the Postcode Lottery

In the fourth week of January, the Postcode Lottery will inform the winners by letter about the amount of money they have won.  On you can find an overview of the other winning postcodes. Check if you’re among the lucky winners!

Does the place you live influence lottery draws?

Everyone likes to walk out of a casino as a millionaire. It happens only to a few. These winners are lucky enough to have the correct numbers. So numbers play a key role when it comes to winning the lottery. There are other important factors as well, such as the place you live. How can this be explained?

Z lot of winners from Germany

It’s interesting to take a look at lottery winners and where they come from. Interestingly enough, it seems that some countries have more winners than others. This is strange because every lottery participant has the exact same chance to win. Take Germany, for example. It’s the country with the largest number of lottery winner. It has 16 winners of the main prize of Eurojackpot in total, which is 45.7 percent of all the winnings!

Second place is for Finland

Since there are so many winners, it comes as no surprise that Germans love to take a gamble. They have a good partner in Finland, which has ended up at the second place. Its residents have one 28 percent of all the jackpots of Eurojackpot!
Loyalty and number of participants
Some people ask themselves if location can influence the winning odds. The answer is quite simple actually. People prefer national lotteries above international lotteries out of loyalty for their country. Countries with a large population usually have more lottery participants. This explains why the number of winners from certain countries is higher.

Being American during a Powerball or MegaMillions draw
There are some differences of winners per lottery. When it comes to MegaMillions and Powerball, being American is an advantage. Most winners come from the United States. What’s more, from the 25 highest wins in Powerball 13 were American. One explanation is that Americans are very devoted to national lotteries and love to participate. This is also the case for MegaMillions. How more people from a certain country participate, how bigger the chance the Jackpot falls over there.

El Gordo de Navidad
MegaMillions and Powerball are well-known in the United States. Most people in Spain are interested in another lottery though. Spain always organizes a highly anticipated draw during December called ‘El Gordo de Navidad’. ‘El Gordo’ means ‘The Big One’ and it absolutely honors its nickname. The prize pool of El Gordo is an astonishing 2.38 billion in total!

The legendary El Gordo lottery
El Gordo has winners from more than 140 countries. After reading this article, you’re probably not surprised by the fact that people from Spain win El Gordo the most. Many of them are nationalistic and proud about their own lottery. El Gordo is a cultural and historical phenomenon in Spain. It’s a special tradition that has been organized for decades. Did you know that local people sometimes buy raffle tickets months before El Gordo? The ticket costs are much lower in the summer than in December, so it’s actually quite smart. It gives residents the possibilities to buy as much El Gordo tickets as possible way before the big moment in December takes place.

Winning the lottery wherever you are
The internet has changed the lottery world. Thanks to online casinos and lotteries you can now take a gamble whenever you want. This makes travelling much more fun. Many lotteries are even available on the smartphone or tablet. The only thing you need to participate is a good internet connection. You could visit PlayHugeLotto’s to create your own account. Then start playing and winning as soon as possible, wherever you live.

Mega Millions player wins biggest jackpot ever 1,6 billion dollar

Mega Millions player wins biggest jackpot ever 1,6 billion dollar

Tuesday is a special day for Mega Millions players. One of them has the chance to win millions and sometimes even billions of dollars. The winning odds are low, but a big win from South Carolina shows it’s definitely possible. What’s more: a player won the Jackpot of 1.537 billion dollars, or 878 million dollars in cash! It was one of the 15,750,013 winning tickets on Tuesday night.

Absolute record 1,6 billion Dollar

October 23 is a date that Mega Millions and the new billionaire from South Carolina will never forget. The numbers that appeared during the draw matched with the ticket numbers 5,28, 62, 65 and 70 and the Mega Ball 5. The former Mega Millions record of 656 million dollars dating back to March 2012 was smashed, and so did the amazing Powerball prize of 1.586 billion dollars in January 2016.

 Many Mega Million Jackpots

When there’s no Mega Millions Jackpot hit, the prize pool increases. This is known as the ‘roll-over’. No Jackpot hit took place from July 24 till October, so you can imagine the main prize became historically high. It actually took 26 draws before the billion dollar Jackpot fell. Back in July a pool of eleven co-workers from California shared a prize of 543 million dollars. The following Mega Million Jackpots have been won as well:
• January 5: 451 million dollars in Florida
• March 30: 533 million dollars in New Jersey
• May 4: 142 million dollars in Ohio

Second prizes and Megaplier

The Jackpot is obviously the most important prize, but there have been amazing second prize tickets as well. In total 36 prizes were won because of matches with the five white balls on Tuesday. Four winners came from Florida and New York, two from Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, Michigan and North Carolina, one from Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arozina and the District of Columbia and eight from California. One winner from Florida and one winner from Texas both had the so-called ‘Megaplier’, which means that the prize money is doubled 2 or more times. As a result, their tickets became worth 3 million dollars.

Third prize
Winning the third prize of 10.000 dollars is great news for a lottery player as well. It happened to 419 players with four white balls plus the Mega Ball. For fifty-one of them, the prize was doubled 3 times because of the Megaplier. We bet they can do a lot of nice stuff with 30.000 dollars. Since July 2018, a total amount of 50.2 million winning tickets at different prize levels were sold. 85 of them were worth 1 million dollars or more. Incredible!

Are you inspired by the numbers and winners above? Then buy a ticket for Mega Millions online or in a store. After the win in October the Jackpot has been reset to it’s starting value of 40 million dollars, 22.8 million in cash to be precisely, more than enough to live happily ever after!