Dutch Senate approves proposal for legal online gambling

A majority Dutch Senate has finally approved the proposal for a new online gambling law. The political parties VVD, D66, PVV, PvdA and GroenLinks were in favor of the plan. This is enough to have a majority in the Senate. It means that online gambling will become legal in the Netherlands. What effect will it have on the gambling market?

Time is needed
The fact that the proposal has been accepted, doesn’t mean that games of chance will be legal in the Netherlands immediately. It will take some time to implement a new law. What’s more, the Gambling Authority has announced that it will take at least one and a half years before the first licenses are given to gaming operators. So you need to have some patience if you love an online gamble of Blackjack or Roulette.

Conditions to obtain a permit
Several conditions to obtain a permit will be worked out in the near future. It is clear, however, that providers must meet strict conditions in order to enter the legal online gambling market. For example, there must be strict supervision of gamblers, so that the risk of addiction can be kept to a minimum. Providers that have focused on the Dutch gambling market without a license in the last two years have no chance on getting a license.

No longer dependent on illegal circuit

Because of the decision of the Senate, providers of online games of chance are no longer dependent on the illegal circuit. It took years of discussion to reach this point. Almost eight years ago, the then State Secretary Teeven (Security and Justice) proposed to allow gambling on the internet under supervision. That proposal was politically sensitive for a long time. Especially Christian parties did not see any benefit in legalization and still not approve. They fear more enthusiasm and therefore more gambling addicts.

How many Dutch people gamble?

The parties who agreed with the new law are satisfied that the very outdated Betting and Gaming Act (Wok) will finally be modernized. In the Netherlands, the number of online gamblers is growing rapidly. According to a research of Motivaction, conducted on behalf of Holland Casino, about 1.8 million Dutch people sometimes play games of chance on the internet. Two thirds of the frequent players say they prefer to play with a legal provider. More than enough reason to let participants play with supervision in the near future, instead of playing at an illegal provider, the majority of the Senate thinks.

Foreigners spend more money on El Gordo than the Spanish

Foreigners spend more money on El Gordo than the Spanish

The El Gordo lottery can be seen as a Spanish Christmas tradition. It was already established in 1812 and the excitement has grown over the years. The lottery has not only made some Spanish participants rich, but people from abroad as well. Surprisingly enough, a research has shown that foreigners spend more money on El Gordo Lottery tickets than the Spanish people themselves!

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The Christmas lottery

The official name of El Gordo is the ‘Sorteo Extraordinario de la Lotería de Navidad’. It is also known as the ‘Christmas lottery’ because the draw always take place at December 22nd. The lottery attracts a lot of media attention because of the big prizes. The draw is broadcasted live on television. You can watch it at TVE, where besides the draw you can see some children who announce the numbers while singing. Afterwards the lucky winners of El Gordo are interviewed live on television. Perhaps you are going to be one of them this year!

Money spend on tickets from abroad
Thousands of euros are spend on tickets of this very popular Spanish lottery. Most of the money comes from out of Spain. This conclusion after a research from the website Ventura24 might be a surprise for you. It appears that foreigners spend about 67 euro on a El Gordo ticket, much more than the 46 euros the Spanish participants are willing to pay. Especially German and French people are very enthusiastic about this lottery, because they bought 13 and 10 percent more El Gordo lottery tickets online. People from Switzerland, Great Britain and Mexico spend a lot of money on their tickets as well. In total about 35 percent of the lottery sells abroad comes from these countries.

International lottery participants

Not every participants spends as much money on the El Gordo ticket. Of course it also depends on their financial situation. The Mexicans really want to win the lottery, because they pay about 117 euros for a ticket. The second place is for the Swss with 116,80 euros. Although the German and French lottery players love El Gordo, they are only willing to pay 61 euros. After these countries follow the Netherlands and Belgium, who spend 59,93 euros and 54,30 euros respectively.

Why the Lottery gift card is a great present

Why the Lottery gift card is a great present

Lotto is a lottery with something extra. Literally, because it now sells gift cards. It’s a perfect way to surprise your friend or family member. Make him or her happy the Lottery gift card during a birthday, for example. It’s also the perfect gift for other events. It’s up to you how much money you want to put on the gift card.

No expiration date lotto giftcard

It’s not necessary to spend the money on the gift card all at once. You or the person you’re giving it to can use it for several draws. Play whenever you want and pay with the card. It will always be valid, because there’s no expiration date.

Redeem the Lotto gift card online
It’s possible to use the Lotto gift card online. This is only possible when you have an online Lotto account. Over here you can create on. After doing this, you can redeem it in just a few steps. First you need to visit the website of the Lotto, Eurojackpot or Lucky Day. Login to your account over here. You see the button ‘participate immediately’. Click on it and decide with how many lottery tickets you want to play. You have to pick a couple of numbers for your ticket and the Jackpot colour. Pay with the gift card as the last step.

How to spend the gift card?

It’s a good idea to read the terms and conditions before you buy a gift card. It’s required to spend at least 10 euros for the card, but 50 or 100 euros is possible as well. Perhaps you’re not the one who bought the ticket. Instead you got it as a gift from a friend, really nice! Using the card is just as easy as buying it. You need to visit a store where you can spend the gift card. Fill in your lottery tickets with six numbers. Then pay with the gift card, and you’re done!

Keep your ticket safe
The retailer always gives you a certificate of participation. Always keep it in a safe place, because you it gives you the right to claim your prize. Did a Lotto draw just take place? Then check as soon as possible if you’ve won something. We wish you a lot of luck and fun!

Dutch Lottery continues partnership with TeamNL

The Dutch Lottery has extended its partnership with TeamNL until 2020. This means that the Dutch Lottery will be linked to the 850 best top athletes from the Netherlands and 28 sports federations that are marketing partners of TeamNL.

A happy, healthy and athletic Netherlands

Arno de Jong, Marketing Director of the Dutch Lottery is very content with the partnership: ‘As a Dutch Lottery, we are there for society. We stand for a happy, healthy and athletic Netherlands. Sport and TeamNL have a major role to play in this. With this partnership we strengthen our connection with sport and society’, he said.

Focus on four sports
As part of the partnership with TeamNL, the Dutch Lottery focuses on four sports, namely athletics, swimming, cycling and handball. In these four sports, the Dutch Lottery will try to strengthen the sports. The cooperation with handball did not yet exist and is new. The Dutch Lottery will be placed on the shirt of the TeamNL handball ladies and gentlemen.

The power of top handball
Sjors Röttger, director of the Dutch Handball Association, is proud of its connection to the Dutch Lottery. “It says something about the power of top handball that the Dutch Lottery chooses to be on the shirt of our national teams ladies and gentlemen. We think it’s a great compliment.’

VIP fan experience
To celebrate the new partnership, all handball clubs have a chance to win a VIP fan experience in the women’s international Netherlands-Russia on June 1st this year. ‘We want the handball club there with the best TeamNL supporters to encourage our ladies’, Sjors Röttger said.

The close bond between the Dutch Lottery and NOC NSF

The Dutch Lottery and the NOC NSF have a close bond. Every year, the Dutch Lottery donates more than 40 million euros to the sport. Gerard Dielessen, director of NOCNSF said that the sports federation is very content with the fact that the Dutch Lottery is also a partner of team NL. Together they make the sport stronger, not only because the number of members increases but also because it supports the athletes of Team NL.

National Lottery opens Lottery Centers: criticism from newspaper agents

The National Lottery has announced that it will operate its own points of sale. In early 2019, the first Lotto Shops of Lottery Centers will open their doors in Antwerp, Liège and Ghent. The announcement has led to criticism from the newspaper agents. They don’t like the fact that the National Lottery will now compete with its own sellers.

Interesting timing
It’s interesting that the National Lottery is planning to open Lottery Centers, since Belgian political parties are trying to regulate gambling more strictly. For example, the possibilities for a legal online casino to advertise is limited. The number of betting offices has also been reduced in the last couple of years. However, the National Lottery makes an ‘aggressive move’ by trying to sell its products in special centers.

Competition for newspaper agents
The first Lottery Centers of the National Lottery will open their doors in Antwerp, Ghent and Liège. At the moment, the exact locations are not known. More information will be given in the near future. The newsagent aren’t happy with the Lottery Centers, because it means extra competition for them. It’s quite clear that people will mainly visit these shops to buy lottery products. Of course it’s mainly the daily paper business in the area around the lottery centers that will be confronted with the extra competition. A newspaper dealer from Brugge will not be bothered by the Lottery Center in Antwerp or Gent at all.

Ticket selling in Lottery Centers

The National Lottery has a lot of plans with its shops. For example, visitors will able to buy scratch cards and lottery forms over here. However, you cannot place a sport bet over here. This is only possible with a separate F-license, and that’s not the case. Betting offices also have to deal with some other rules and requirements regarding sports betting. Sports betting winners can get their prizes at a Lottery Center though.
Statement from the National Lottery
The National Lottery has made a statement regarding the points of sale. The selling of lottery tickets and scratch will not become the core of the so-called ‘Lottery Centers’. Instead, the most important function of the Lottery Centers will be its dialogues with players. For example, a visitor can ask about the products of the lottery. The Lottery Center also provides information about the charities the National Lottery supports. It’s even possible to apply for a grant from the National Lottery.

Promotion of National Lottery products

The National Lottery uses several ways to promote its products. In Belgium you can find a lot of (misleading) advertisements from the National Lottery. Think about posters in the train, for example. Recently the National Lottery was part of the Pano broadcast on gambling, which already showed that the games of chance of the National Lottery don’t have be inferior to those of private operators. Also interesting to note is that shops like the Blokker are planning to sell scratch cards. A bad move, since research has shown that scratch cards can be very addictive. Besides that, when these products are sold there is no verification of age or mention in the Excluded Persons Information System.

Why do people keep participating in lotteries despite low winning chances?

Despite low winning odds, millions of people all over the world still participate in lotteries. Why is this the case? A psychological study from Nottingham Trent University explains.

It takes many years to win the lottery…
First of all, some interesting details about winning chances in the lottery. Imagine that you play with the exact same numbers twice a week. There are fourteen million possible combinations, which means that you only win once in every seven million (!) turns. The British economist Tim Harford has calculated that you need 67.000 years to win, and that a guaranteed win takes only 135.000 years. Mathematicians even say that guaranteed success for players who gamble twice a week will even take about 100.000 years! A player who randomly changes the numbers every week is never, ever assured of success.

Good advice
Harford has some advice for you when it comes to gambling, although it’s ironic. Choose your own numbers, but don’t submit the form. As a result, you’ll win almost every week. And the fear of having the correct combination will give you lots of adrenaline!

People overestimate a positive outcome
The truth is: participating a lottery often makes you poorer than richer. Just take a look at the numbers above. Still, people love to take a gamble because they overestimate their chances of winning. This is the conclusion of psychologists working at Nottingham Trent University. People often overestimate a positive outcome, while they ignore negative outcomes. They think that if they win a nice amount of money one time, it will also happen next time. Sadly, this is not always the case.

More attention for winners

Another reason for people to keep playing in the lottery is the fact that lotteries pay extra attention to winners. The millions of people who lose are simply ignored or remain underexposed. Because of inspiring winner stories people, and you’re probably no exception, fantasize about what they’re going to with the money they hope to win. So they estimate their winning chances higher, which is known as the ‘availability bias’ among psychologists.

The gamblers fallacy and the entrapment effect
Interesting to discover is that many lottery participants think they can control the outcome of the lottery draw by choosing their own numbers. This is shown by the fact that 7 out 10 people always choose the exact same numbers. They think it’s possible to influence the lottery, which is not the case. Another misconception is that ‘chance is fair’. People think that lottery numbers have some sort of memory: if you participate a lot, you must win once. The name for this phenomenon is the ‘gamblers fallacy’ or the ‘gamblers illusion’. Last, but not least, there’s the so-called ‘entrapment effect’. Lottery participants keep investing because they’ve already spend so much on lottery tickets. If they stop now, they will lose everything, which feels even worse.