Belgians love the lottery for a reason. It often happens that someone wins a lot of money in the National Lottery. What’s more, 2017 can be described as a record breaking year for the lottery. The numbers are incredible to read. The Belgian winners of last year won a total of 886,1 million euros together!

More Belgium National Lottery winners than ever

In 2017 there were more National Lottery winners than ever, namely 69 million. 40 even can call themselves a millionaire now! The top executive is obviously very content with these numbers. It comes as no surprise that Europeans, including the Belgians like to take a gamble in the lottery. In 2017 more than 6,5 million people tried their luck by participating in a lottery, such as EuroMillions or Lotto. They played it safe though: the average deposit was 4,90 euros. The average Belgian player tested his luck in 39,9 plays.

Revenue of Lotto and EuroMillions
Lotto and EuroMillions are the most popular lotteries in Belgium. The latter was responsible for the biggest winners, who became multimillionaires. They won 153 and 23 million respectively. The total revenue of both lotteries is gigantic, namely 510 million euros for EuroMillions and 398 million for Lotto. The National Lottery is the big winner though. Last year it had a total revenue of 1275 billion euros, the biggest ever. Not all money is given to the organization itself. It donates 320 million euros the society. It is divided between monopoly rent for the state (135 million euros) and donations to all kinds of organizations (185 million euros).

The sky is the limit in Belgium

The sky is the limit for EuroMillions and Lotto. The number of tickets that are sold still grows every year. Not only online, but on the streets as well. What’s more, Lotto sold more tickets in kiosks. Quite a surprise, if you consider the popularity of the internet. It’s great news for lotteries that digital sales and retail are both doing well.

What will 2018 bring?
Lotteries are looking forward to 2018 and what it will bring. Perhaps even more revenue? One thing will happen for sure, namely that the National Lottery will change the rules of Lotto. Keep an eye on the Lotto to discover what the changes will be.