Did you know that every week there are more than fifteen thousand Dutch winners at Eurojackpot? Incredible! On Friday September 20, 2019 the Jackpot fell for the last time. Where did the Eurojackpot fell and what are the big prizes that have been won in the Netherlands in the past few months?

August: a month to remember
August was a month to remember for Eurojackpot players. Back then the Jackpot of 90 million euros fell, incredible! A Finnish player won this huge amount of money on August 23rd, with the numbers 15,18,19,41 and 42. It was the second time that the maximum Jackpot of 90 million euros fell on one lottery ticket in Finland.

Big winners in September
A resident of the Dutch city of Lelystad will never forget this date: Saturday September 21st, 2019. On that day he won more than 300.000 euros, 342.227.10 euros gross to be precisely! He or she bought an online ticket with the numbers 17,21,41,48 and 49 with bonus numbers 4 and 8. Players from Spain, Sweden, Croatia and Germany also were lucky enough to win more than 300.000 euros. These were all second prizes by the way. The Jackpot fell in Norway, when one player won more than 44 million euros! He or she had the lucky ticket with five correct numbers and two bonus numbers. Often the Jackpot is incredibly high. For example, on Friday September 27, 2019 it was 10 million euros!

EuroJackpot winners in Limburg and abroad

September 2019 was a great month for Eurojackpot players. During one draw a player from Reuver in the province of Limburg won the second prize of 506.320.10 euros gross! He or she bought the ticket at the local Bruna store. Speaking about luck! The total prize from the second category fell on the lots of four players, living in the Netherlands (Reuver, which we mentioned before) Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Each had five correct numbers and two bonus numbers. They shared the prize. The Jackpot did not fall though, and thus the amount of Jackpot money increased to 44 million gross for the next draw on Friday.

Third category winners
Eurojackpot often has some great prizes in the third category as well. In September a third prize was again won in the Netherlands. A player who bought his ticket at Bruna 8091 in Oostvoorne won a prize of €105,493.20 on probably the best Friday of his life. It is the sixth time this year that a prize from this category fell in the Netherlands. There was no Jackpot hit though, maybe next time! It meant that the Jackpot was 32 million euros during the next draw.

Big win in November
Saturday November 9, 2019 was a great day for a Dutch online Eurojackpot player. Luck was definitely at his side, because he won 75.845.90 euros! The lucky winner bought his ticket online. There are even higher prizes. For example, the Jackpot itself increased from 79 million euros to 90 million euros. Can you imagine that you have so much money? Three Dutch players definitely have a bank account with lots of money now. They each won 5,666.60 euros!

Lucky Friday

On a Friday in November another big prize was won in the city of Oisterwijk. A lucky EuroJackpot player took home 139,770,90 euros! He or she was not the only Dutch winner. In total 20,223 lottery tickets contained a prize, which is a lot. Perhaps you’re one of the lucky winners next time. The EuroJackpot draw always takes place on a Friday. The numbers of EuroJackpot in the Netherlands are incredible: in total prizes fell on 32,588 Dutch lottery tickets. One example of such prize is 5268 euros, for one winner. Will you be the next lucky winner? Time will tell!