The chance that you win the Lotto in Australia is 1:15.746.501 to be precisely. You would say it’s nearly impossible to win once, let alone two times. Still a Sidney resident managed to do the impossible: he won the Lotto two times in one week!

Winning the Lotto twice in one week

There is good news and sad news. First the sad part: yes he did won a lot of money, but not the main prize of 2.5 million dollars. The good part: he won’t be sad with the 2.5 million Australian dollars that will be added to his bank account. This is about 1.5 million euros. It’s truly a story to remember. The very lucky Sydney resident won one million Australian dollars at the regular draw last Monday and another 1.5 million dollars again last Saturday! It came out of a 20 million prize pool, and he’d won one of the biggest prizes.

‘Almost too good to be true’
The winner made an announcement about the best week of his life. He calls the win ‘absolutely amazing’ and says that he’s incredibly happy. Winning twice in a week is ‘almost too good to be true’ and it should be ‘near impossible’ to win in such a short time notice.

What is he going to do with the money?
The new millionaire wants to stay anonymous, but the lottery let the press know that he is in his forties. Enough time to enjoy the millions we would say! He let the press know that he wants to invest a considerable part of his money, and he’s also thinking about buying a house. A trip to Honolulu is also on his agenda, as well as a new car. He already bought a nice and shiny car actually. The man also says he wants to be sensible with his money.
Still a Lotto player
It appears that the lucky winner is a religious man, and the recent wins only strengthen his relationship with God. He thinks that ‘God takes care of him’. Oh and last but not least: the winner will continue to be a Lotto player, because ‘you never know if I will be lucky again’.