More and more players from India are winning big prizes at theLotter. Among the latest winners is someone from India who participated in the Austria Lotto. He won a second place prize worth 32.161 euros in a draw in November 2018! The name of the lucky winner is C.J. What is he planning to do with his money?

Active lottery player wins big money

Sometimes you don’t have participate in the lottery for years to win, and C.J is definitely a good example of that. He joined theLotter in 2017 and within no time he received the VIP Diamond status. He did have some experience with lotteries, since he participated in a couple of them already. For example, C.J also enjoyed the New Zealand Powerball, the Spain BonoLoto and the Australia Saturday Lotto. However, according to C.J himself it was pure coincidence that he chose to play in the Austria Lotto. In a chat with Austria Lotto representative Adrian the winner told that he did not have any preferences at all. He just likes to play in some kind of lottery every day.

What were his lucky numbers?
Playing in various lotteries seems to be a good strategy, since C.J has won a lot of lottery prizes in the last couple of years. Absolutely inspiring! However, C.J probably did not expect to win so much money in the Austria Lotto. The winning numbers on his ticket where 202932374344. The lucky player won the second prize because there were 5 correct numbers out of 6. With 6 numbers C.J could have won the Jackpot, but he’s probably not complaining!

Lucky with random numbers

Some players use lucky numbers when they participate in a lottery, but C.J doesn’t. All numbers were chosen random. In a conversation with Austria Lotto he told that ‘just some numbers’ were used. So he chose a random lottery and numbers, and still won. Speaking about luck! It shows that using a certain strategy in a lottery doesn’t help. It could work for you, but in the end you have just as much chance to win with favorite numbers as with random numbers. The fun about lotteries is that every player has the exact same chance to win. You just need to have a lot of luck, like C.J.

How is the winner going to spend the prize money?
C.J is a very rich man now, but hasn’t made big plans to spend his money yet. The winner is planning to improve his living situation though. The money makes it possible to live more comfortably. It’s the start of a new life full of dreams that can become reality now. This doesn’t mean that C.J will stop playing in lotteries, because he simply loves it too much. In an interview he said that he’s still a participant of theLotter, because it gives him a chance to dream big ánd win big!

Lottery winners from all over the world
C.J is not the only lucky winner of theLotter. In the last couple of years players from countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Nigeria, Kenya, India and Iraq also bought a winning lottery ticket. The mission of theLotter is to give people all over the world the chance to win big. So it’s no surprise that theLotter is one of the biggest and most popular lotteries on the planet. Over the years there have been more than four million theLotter winners, who enjoyed to excitement of the draws and Jackpots. The high prizes in several international lotteries attract a lot of people, who dare to dream big.  C.J definitely shows that winning the lottery can improve your future. His life is changed forever now, will you experience the same?