Throughout the pandemic it’s obvious that there’s been a general change in the conduct and needs of players but additionally a general change in conduct in the manner lotteries operate. Purpose driven marketing is becoming much more relevant with players seeking positivity, a residential area connection and much more authenticity, and rely upon campaigns. Oftentimes, social responsibility and sustainability are essential elements for purchasers.

Because the world involves terms using the ‘’new normal’’, lotteries in the last year have searched for possibilities in the challenges presented throughout the greatest global health crisis in modern history. Lotteries have adapted their marketing strategies in innovative ways not just like a react to operational challenges throughout the this past year (lockdowns, partial or full POS closures) but additionally to respond to the altering needs and conduct of players because of coping with a pandemic.

Among the greatest learnings was the necessity to adapt fast towards the altering atmosphere – lockdowns, limitations, closures of POS and to adjust to the requirements of players and retailers, buying and selling games inside a safe atmosphere. Shows were cancelled or broadcast inside a different format, there was an elevated push for unity and support of local activities.

The pandemic helped quicken things when it comes to lottery innovation and creativeness, acted being an chance to build up online digital channels, shown courage to operate diversely and produced feel great moments for that players.