Irish National Lottery

Every week hundreds of people play in the Irish National Lottery. It’s operated by the Premier Lotteries Ireland DAC (PLI), which has received a 20 year license from the Irish Government in November 2014. What is the main goal of Premier Lotteries Ireland? In this article we tell you all about it.

A high quality lottery for all Irish people
Premier Lotteries Ireland wants to provide a high quality lottery for all Irish people. It works in a responsible manner and donates a lot of money to charities that benefit local communities in Ireland. Premier Lotteries Ireland DAC is also known as ‘PLI’ and can be found in Abbey Street, located in Dublin. An Irish management team with a lot of experience makes sure everything goes well. The CEO of PLI is Andrew Algeo.
Pension funds: OTTP, An Post and An Post Pension Funds
PLI has three shareholders, namely An Post, An Post Pension Funds and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTTP). Especially OTPP is very successful because it’s a shareholder of the Camelot Group. The Camelot Group includes Camelot UK Lotteries Unlimited, which operates the UK National Lottery. The Irish National Lottery was established in 1986 and from the beginning An Post has successfully organized it.

Incredible achievements
Premier Lotteries Ireland has made some incredible achievements. For example, on November 30 2014 it had already installed about 20.000 pieces of equipment! That’s not the only thing, because the equipment is part of a retail network of 3700 agents who work all over Ireland. In the past 6 years the new system of PLI successfully handled 30 lottery draws each week. It’s a lot of work, since the system processes more than four million sales and prize payment transactions every week!

Responsible for teacher pensions
It’s interesting to take a look at the pension plan system of Canada when it comes to OTTP. It has a 140.8 million Canadian dollars in net assets and happens to be the largest single profession pension plan in Canada. OTTP is an independent organization. The OTTP is responsible for the pensions of 307.000 teachers in Ontario, whether they’re still active or not. It also invests in the pension fund’s assets. Besides that, OTTP owns the Camelot Lottery Solutions which provides management services and consultancy to lotteries all over the planet.
Vision of PLI: entertainment and social responsibility
Premier Lotteries Ireland (LI) has one main goal: to bring great lottery games, fun and entertainment into the world while operating in a socially responsible way at the same time. It wants to be a world-class lottery for everyone in Ireland. All Irish people must benefit, not just by winning money but also because of donations to good causes.
The player is always number one
At PLI the player is always number one. Their needs and wishes are at the center of everything it does. So if you have any questions when playing one of the casino games, just ask the experienced team of PLI. They will solve your problem as soon as possible. Everyone in the PLI team works together and when someone needs encouragement or support they are there for each other.

Innovation and honesty
Innovation is an important part of the strategy of companies, and PLI is no exception. This organization wants to be as dynamic and progressive as possible. This is necessary, since society is rapidly changing. Besides innovation, PLI also believes in honesty. They want to keep their promises, no matter what. So PLI works with very high standards, which always benefits its players.

Software platforms and maintenance from Intralot
The National Lottery cannot function without excellent software platforms and retail terminals. Intralot provides the necessary set-up, maintenance and support to make the system work perfectly. Perhaps you’ve heard the name Intralot before. It’s well-known lottery technology provider. What’s more: it’s one of the top three best lottery technology providers on the planet.

Certification from the WLA
The fact that it’s one of the best lottery technology providers worldwide is proven by the fact that it was the first international vendor in the gaming sector that received a certification from the World Lottery Association (WLA) Security Control Standard. So it works only with the highest standards in the worldwide lottery industry.

Consultancy services from Camelot Lottery Solutions
PLI also uses the consultancy services of Camelot Lottery Solutions. A good example of this is the delivery of technical and business transition programs. PLI used these programs after receiving the new National Lottery license. Camelot Lottery Solutions is known for its experience. This company from the UK had supported the largest interactive lottery in Europe for years.

Banknote Limited provides security services

Last but not least, PLI uses extensive security services. These are provided by Pollard Banknote Limited. It worked together with the Irish National Lottery for more than two decades. Pollard Banknote is also a successful supplier of scratch card games for more than 25 years. And like that’s not enough, it also works together with more than sixty lottery and gaming organizations in the world.
Goals for the futur
One of the goals of Premier Lotteries Ireland is to let the Irish National Lottery grow into one of the biggest lotteries in the world. It absolutely helps that the organization has a lot of lottery experience. As a result, in the next decades the lottery will grow and many good causes and Irish people will benefit from the work of Premier Lotteries Ireland.