The FDJ Corporate Foundation or the French national lottery agency has donated 169,000 euros to the French Red Cross and the Rêv’Elles association, thanks to the spirit of solidarity of the employees of the FDJ group as part of a holiday donation campaign. The FDJ group continues to contribute to the fight against the Covid-19 crisis with donations totaling over 1.5 million euros.

Founded on a voluntary basis, this campaign to donate days off to FDJ employees has raised nearly 340,000 euros, split between these associations, which are supported by the FDJ Corporate Foundation and the Alliance “All united against the virus to which the FDJ group at the start of the crisis has paid a million euros. FDJ employees have also made individual commitments to associations by providing direct assistance (tutoring, mentoring, etc.).

Historical partner of the French Red Cross, the FDJ foundation paid € 157,000 to contribute to the financing of emergency food aid for the most deprived persons and the fight against the isolation of elderly people in nursing homes.