Sunny Florida has another millionaire as a resident. Past month a very lucky player won the Mega Millions Jackpot! If he or she chooses a lump sump payment, 281,2 million dollars will be added to the bank account. However, the winner hasn’t claimed the prize yet. He or she still has about 60 days after the draw date before the claim expires.

The winning ticket

Although the winner is still unknown, some other facts are clear. The winning MegaMillions ticket was bought at 7-Eleven in Port Richey. The shop will receive a bonus of 100.000 dollars because they sold the ticket. It was a so-called ‘Quick Pick’ ticket with the numbers 28, 30, 39, 59,70 and Mega Ball 10. The ticket matched with the five numbers and the Mega Ball that appeared during the draw on Friday evening. A very special moment, because it meant that someone has won the Jackpot of 450 million dollars!

New Jackpot

After this mega Jackpot everything starts anew. There’s still a lot of money to win though. During a recent draw at January 9 a Jackpot of 40 million dollars was at stake. You can watch the Mega Millions draw every week in the state of Florida. It’s also possible to watch it at the website of the Florida Lottery if you live somewhere else. This jackpot is not the biggest ever, this is the Powerball jackpot on 13 january with 1.54 billion Dollar.

Many millionaires because of Florida lotteries

The odds of winning the Jackpot at Mega Millions are low. However, you’ll become super rich instantly when it happens. The past has shown that it’s definitely possible. In the past 5 years prizes with a total worth of 296 million dollars have been won by about 38 million players. Florida game lotteries have made many people millionaires. It has been estimated that 2000 people can live a rich life now. They’re one of the many people that benefited from the 56.3 billion dollars in prize money that was paid out by the Florida lotteries.

Support of charities
Florida games such as Mega Millions are not only good for the participants. This lottery also donates money to charity and education. For example, in the past few years it donated more than 294 million dollars to education. It has been estimated that the lottery in Florida has donated more than 32 billion to education in total! Very impressive, but that’s not the only thing. The lottery also organizes a Bright Futures Scholarship Program that makes it possible for more than 775.000 students to go to college.