On March 10, 2020 five participants of the Dutch State were lucky enough to have the winning lottery ticket. The grand prize of 1 million euros fell to 1/5th State lots and as a result the five winners all received 200.000 euros! The winning lottery number was BG 06418.

Tax-free Jackpot

The Dutch State lottery winners live all over the country, namely Alkmaar, Dordrecht, Amersfoort, Herten (municipality of Roermond) and Maastricht. Unfortunately, the next State Lottery Jackpot did not fall. Therefore, at the next draw on 10 April, the Jackpot will be tax free at 22.2 million euros. Enough reason to participate we would say!

Statement from the Dutch State Lottery
Karen van Schie, Dutch State Lottery Prize Winner Guide gave a statement to the press. She said that the five winners of the first prize will receive the money on their bank account. She cordially invites them to the Dutch State Lottery office in Rijswijk for advice and guidance. Van Schie looks forward to meet them. The Dutch State Lottery puts the interests of winners first and therefore the prizewinner(s) will stay anonymous.