In last night’s Eurojackpot draw two big prizes were won in the Netherlands. The players bought the winning tickets from the Cigo in Scheveningen and from the Cigo De Posthoorn in Amstelveen. They won €115,668.60 each. The lucky winners are being urged to take their winning lottery tickets to the Dutch Lottery, which owns Eurojackpot. The prize is a gross amount and the winners will still have to pay gambling tax on this amount. The identity of the prize winners will not be disclosed.

What were the winning numbers?

In the Eurojackpot draw the numbers 46 – 31 – 39 – 4 – 43 and the bonus numbers 4 – 1 were drawn. The Dutch winners got the first five numbers right. Two players from Poland and Finland got all the numbers right and share the €90 million jackpot. This means that on Friday 20 August the jackpot will reach an expected amount of 10 million euros.