People say that you have to be really lucky to win the lottery. The chance that you get struck by the lightning is almost bigger. A now very rich Frenchman will tell you otherwise though. The very lucky player won the lottery not once, but twice in the past 1.5 years! How is this possible?

Winner of the Jackpot, two times

An anonymous player won 1.5 million euros in less than two years. Incredible! It’s even more astonishing if you realize that the odds of doing this are about 16 trillion to one. So mathematicians are surprised as well. The player bought his first winning ticket for the My Million Lottery on November 11, 2016. After the draw 1.5 million euros was added to his bank account. The winner couldn’t get enough apparently and tried again on May 18. A miracle happened: he won 1.5 million euros again, at the same lottery!

Anonymous winner

Of course every player likes to have some tips from the winner. His identity is not known though. The only thing we do know is that it’s a man who lives in the east of the Haute-Savoie region. You would expect that the player would have been ecstatic with the second win, but hat was not the case. What’s more, he barely reacted. Perhaps he’s used to winning already?

The fantastic Jackpots of Euro Millions
The miraculous win probably inspires a lot of people to buy a ticket for the My Million Lottery as well. It’s part of the popular Euro Millions lottery, which is organized in twelve countries all over Europe. This lottery organizes two draws a week. The fantastic Jackpots make Euro Millions very attractive. A Jackpot worth more than 100 million euros is no exception!

Another lucky guy from Australia
If you take a look at lottery history, the Frenchman is one of the very few who managed to win the lottery twice. Only another man living in Bondi, Australia was just as lucky as him. He won the 1 million Jackpot of the local lottery two times in one week! He also won some smaller prizes which eventually led to a total amount of 1,428,571 dollars, 1.2 million euros to be precisely. The odds of winning in such a way is one in 1845 million…

More winners from Australia
The big win in Australia took place a month ago. So it’s definitely a good summer to take a gamble! The winner, who is about 40 years, participated in a draw with a total worth of 20 million dollars, which is about 17 million euros. He was not the only winner, because there were 13 others who also took home more than a million dollars. They did not win two times though. The spokesman of the NSW Lotteries, Matt Hart, stated that the organization doesn’t know anyone else who win the lottery twice a week.