Thom Cook and Joe Feeney have been best friends for many years. Back in 1992, the two guys Feeney made an appointment. If one of them was lucky enough to win the lottery, the other would get half of the money. No one could have predicted this dream would really come true. However, in 2020 it did.

A friend keeps his promise

Almost thirty years after their agreement Cook won 22 million dollars. He kept his promise and shared the money with his best friend. In 1992, no contract had been drawn up. So a firm hand was important. Freeney: “We had said to each other: if one of us wins a lot of money, we will share it. So every week we bought a lottery ticket, although of course we didn’t think we’d ever win”.

Jackpot win

The best friends both played in the Powerball lottery in the state of Wisconsin. The chance to win the Jackpot is 1 in 292 million, so are very slim chance. The Jackpot win did happen though. Almost a miracle!”I read the first three songs of the lottery ticket and I totally stiffened up,” Cook told the press. He called his best friend with the good news. Joe first thought it was a joke.


After tax deductions, the rich best friends both have approximately five million euros left over. They don’t have big plans with the money though. “I don’t think there’s a better way to retire,” says Cook, who immediately stopped working. Feeney was already retired. They do want to spend more time with their children and grandchildren and probably travel around the world.