Celeste Coles, a former Birmingham teacher, won 4.8 million Pound from the EuroMillions lottery.

The teacher scooped over 4 million on the EuroMillions decided to use her money to take exotic vacations and fulfill other items on her list.

Celeste Coles is 68 years old and purchased a last-minute lottery ticket on July 12. She initially believed she had won £3,000 when she matched five numbers and one lucky star. However, she ended up winning an enormous $3,665,079 in the draw.

Camelot confirmed her Euromillions win

Out of fear of being scammed, the mother initially believed Camelot’s claim that she won a substantial amount to be a scam. Because the phone lines were closed at night, she was unable to verify the claim. However, the next day, Camelot confirmed her win and revealed that she was a multimillionaire.

Celeste is originally from Birmingham, but now lives somewhere else. She occasionally plays the lottery, but decided to buy a ticket that day because she’d just received an email about the large EuroMillions jackpot. She decided to share her fortune with her family and fund her own bucket list— including visiting exotic locations around the world.