December State Lottery first prize in Thorn

For someone in Doorn, the new year started very well. There, the first prize of the State Lottery was won and someone is now 30 million richer in one fell swoop. The winner can only report tomorrow, because the customer service of the State Lottery is still closed today. That a New Year’s Eve lottery is a tradition for many people was also evident this year. No less than 7.1 million people bought a lottery ticket, of which 3.4 million bought a whole lottery ticket and 4.7 million bought a half lottery ticket. Yet the chance of winning the first prize is very small, we calculated.

The winning ticket has the combination FF 41849. The winner had a whole lottery ticket and bought it online. The prize is therefore automatically credited to the bank account number provided. That is the standard procedure for lottery tickets bought online.

There were no more million prizes to be won, but in Dieren, Hellevoetsluis, Borne, Coevorden and Tilburg, tickets were sold that won a prize of 100,000 euros.

The lottery also organises a so-called millionaire’s dinner every year. “For this we invite people who have won big prizes in the past. They can then talk to each other about it, because only other winners can understand what happened to you, also because many people like to remain anonymous.